Lexus Takes New Approach in Global Expansion

Lexus Badge 2013

Automotive News has an update on how Lexus is approaching new markets around the world:

The brand is slowly rolling out in Central and South America, with one store each in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Panama. A Lexus store just opened in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Lexus is expanding in the sprawling Chinese market, and the broader Asia-Pacific region is also seen as ripe for growth.

But Lexus is still absent in India and Mexico, two fast-growing markets where regulations pose a hurdle.

Based on lessons learned from Lexus’ experience launching in the United States, the brand will have fewer stores in new markets than its luxury rivals. And in certain markets, as in Western Europe, some outlets will be service-only facilities. Other far-flung markets will have a Toyota dealership’s service stall rented to the Lexus brand, or have a fully stocked service van go to the customer’s home or office.

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  • MT

    Hmmm. Here in Austria you can purchase Lexuses from Toyota dealerships.

    • Lexus Cohen

      Just like stupid jamaica.

      • MT

        I don’t think this is stupid. As two Lexus dealerships are about two hours of driving apart one can at least get the servicing done without half a day of travel.

      • Lexus Cohen

        I’m not saying it’s stupid, just saying jamaica is stupid. .lol

  • corradoMR2

    …a fully stocked van going to the customer’s home for servicing: A+

    • tinhinnh

      That’s going to be cheap…..not

      • Tragic Bronson

        You got to pay to play. It’s a Lexus, so it won’t need much maintenance lol

  • BOSS

    Off topic but, hey krew are you going to the Toronto Auto show next week? do you know if the LFA or the RC/F will be there?

    • krew

      No LFA, no RC F, but the blue LF-LC will be there. I’ll be attending the press day on Thursday. You?

      • BOSS

        I will be there, just haven’t chosen which day yet. I was hoping to see the RC :(