Lexus NX Prototypes Spotted!

Lexus NX Camouflaged

Japanese magazine Mag-X has released two spy photos of the upcoming Lexus NX compact crossover — the masked version above, and this camouflaged prototype:

Lexus NX Prototype Spotted

These two images don’t show nearly as much detail as the recently leaked production NX photo, but they do give a better indication of the compact crossover’s overall shape — really, I’m surprised at how much these prototypes reveal.

[Source: Mag-X] (Thanks Ken!)


  • DillonD

    Not sure what to say yet…I’ll just have to wait to see the actual one (I know we saw that picture leaked during that Toyota conference). I think it’ll look good though from the leaked image and spy shots. I just wish Lexus would do a full outlined chrome grille; it makes it look incomplete without. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t care for the GS as much as I want to. It’s that unfinished chrome.

  • jezze

    i need to see less pixles but im liking it!

  • Mike

    Maybe you will get some aftermarket chrome grille? Look out for it! ;)


  • corradoMR2

    Grill looks taller than the press conference photo which is a good thing. However, sides look too softened compared to the edgy concept, though too early to tell from the grainy pic and camouflage. Front resembles a non-F-Sport IS more than any other Lexus.

  • Da1brklyn

    Looks like it will debut with both coupe and regular versions of the nx the masked picture shows one door handle and looks shorter than the camouflaged version..

  • Carmaker1

    Can’t explain why I feel like I’ve already seen these spy shots before? Possibly a different Lexus.

  • FooFoo
  • FooFoo

    The car will be sold in Japan this August.

  • Carmaker1

    Exactly, thank you for pointing that out! I knew it was in a magazine, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

  • enthusiast88

    We’ll see how it compares to the style leader in this segment, the Evoque.
    The showcar looked promising, but these leaked images not so much.

  • sebisab93

    The grille is a bit too-much for me. If it really comes like that one in this picture, it’s too much chrome.