Rendered: Lexus RC F on Vossen Precision Series Forged Wheels

Lexus RC F Vossen Wheels

Using some Photoshop magic and a dose of creativity, Vossen Wheels has managed to create the first modified Lexus RC F months before its official release date:

Lexus RC F Vossen Precision Forged

Lexus RC F Vossen Precision Forged

Lexus RC F Vossen Precision Forged

Rendered by Hugo Silva, this RC F has been done up with forged wheels from Vossen’s upcoming Precision Series. Makes for quite a bold look, and shows off the coupe’s customization potential — what do you think?

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  • Lexus Cohen

    Looks like wife material.

  • Travis

    Im just happy that Lexus has a coupe again

  • corradoMR2

    Elevates the car even further in GT territory. Love it.

  • jezze

    Car P***

  • tinhinnh

    Looks cool if you don’t have to drive it LOL

  • Raptor

    I like it…Definitely VIP. I would also like to see a ten spoke version…

  • MikeVossen

    Thank you everyone, we worked on this last week and wanted to elevate the sport luxury feel of the car. We envision it lowered on RS-R coilovers and wider wheels, I’m thinking a 21×9.5 wheel up front and a 21×12 in the rear. I can say Lexon is fast at work on concepts for a bodykit.

  • Artur Kirakosyan

    what happened to the carbon fiber roof? everything ells is nice