Lexus RC F in Black, Gray, Red & Yellow

Lexus RC F in Black

How will the Lexus RC F look in colors other than Ultrasonic Blue? Lexus Enthusiast Facebook fan Alaa Tarawneh sent in these photoshopped samples:

While I’m not sure yellow is necessary no matter what the competition is doing, the RC F in black is going to be hard to beat — just plain mean looking.

(Thanks Alaa!)


  • Travis

    ALL these colors look good. The car just looks mean and the looks has grown on me alot now since when I first saw it. The yellow is interesting… are these offical pics of the car in this color or photoshopped

    • krew

      Photoshopped — sorry for the confusion, updated the post.

  • Darkride

    They should expand their colour palette to include some LFA inspired colors. I think a nurburgring package orange or IS-F CCS-R orange would be cool. Likewise with a matte black.

    • Travis

      Not just the color. I wonder if Lexus will be a RCF CCS-R or just build a more light weight hard core version of the RCF

  • Lexus Cohen

    The yellow is actually ok. Obsidian on the other hand is my enemy, had a 250 Fsport and those swirls made me crazy, I had to trade it and ended up with the other colour I hated, white!

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Ivory Pearl ,Nebula Pearl gray,bottle pearl green these would be my choices.

  • BOSS

    Black looks like a sleeper lol

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Ибрагимов

    I want the Pearl Red and Steel Blue from the LFA nurburgring edition

  • Travis

    I just realized.. where is the famous Lexus PEARL WHITE ??

    • Raptor

      Yeah Pearl White on this car would be like a candy overdose. Would be very cool to see…

  • Raptor

    This is how I would do it… :)

    • Raptor

      Or this~ :-O

      • Raptor

        And in red…