Lexus RC F Press Photo Gallery

Lexus RC F Massive Photo Gallery

A massive new collection of official Lexus RC F photos were released today — let’s start with the North American edition of the high-performance coupe:

(I believe the single difference between the North American & non-North American versions is the hood — at this point, the RC F will not be available with a carbon fiber hood in the USA or Canada.)


  • codenamejanrei

    My eyes are so full!!! Thank you for these!! :D

  • Joshd

    20 bucks that the US will get screwed out of this color! Any takers lol
    Wonder what this bad boy is going to cost!?

    • Raptor

      I will take your twenty bucks since this this color was on the ISF in the USA. If this car is priced less than 76K than you have a sales winner here…

      • Steve B

        Rumor has it that with the carbon package it will hopefully be around 76-77. with out 72-73.

      • RC-Frustrated

        Direct UKPound to USDollar conversion of $75k would make it £46k in the UK. That would be impossible to expect over here as we get charged almost the equivalent £ for $. Lets say the price over here will be £60k that would be equiv to $98k. You can understand my frustration when for you guys this fantastic car will be affordable. But we live in rip-off Britain.

      • Simon

        You guys are lucky in the UK & US, the ISF is $135k here in Australia, so the RCF would most likely cost $170k here!!! I own the IS300h Fsport and it cost me $73K, the only Lexus i could afford here in OZ (besides the CT).

  • Travis

    This car is incredible. Bold. Aggressive. Powerful.

    Thank you Lexus your doing something Acura and Infiniti aren’t and putting Japanese Luxury in a place it has never been before.

    Now can we please have the full detials on this car?

  • Ibrahim Alshamsi

    WHY just why lexus, what’s with this small display !?!? this is the F not the normal one at least improve this…

    • Art

      I do agree. If the car is going to cost more than the GS it should have a bigger screen or at least as an option. There is room for it.
      It may be a cost savings thing or they figured the attention would be else where on this car.

  • darkride

    Are those speakers in the front seat shoulders, comparable to something Infitini does?

    • tinhinnh

      The real speakers are the four holes in the back bumper :))