Lexus RC F GT500 Race Car Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

Lexus RC F GT500 Coupe

Lexus debuted the RC F GT500 at the Tokyo Auto Salon today, revealing the true identity of their Super GT racecar — Auto Sport Web has some photos:

The RC F GT500 is set to participate in the GT500 class of this year’s Super GT, alongside the Honda NSX & Nissan GT-R — more details (and photos) as they become available.

[Source: Auto Sport Web]


  • Travis

    I hate “Lexus Racing” Lexus Motorsports or F Motorsports sound much better.

    • blkpantha

      wow way to make a guy think after reading that I totally agree …great idea …. But I just can’t get enough of that damm rc whether F non Luxury or this Lexus Racing RC F GT 500

    • Mike

      F Motorsports? F as Ford? *lol*


    • Ayo DocMkize

      How about F motor racing ?

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    I LOVE the outfit of the TEAM!!!

  • jesze

    if they made the front candle looking thing black it would look better like the orange one