Video: Introducing the All-New Lexus RC Coupe

Lexus RC Launch Video

Lexus has released the launch video for the new RC coupe, and it’s a wild one:

Related in style to the Lexus IS launch in January, this video is full of random, near-terrifying imagery — meteors crashing to earth, shrieking foxes, sparkling blood, there’s nothing off-limits.

It’s so out of control that I found myself rewatching it repeatedly, even stepping through it frame-by-frame trying to make sense of the whole thing. After the sixth time, I clued in — this is exactly what Lexus wanted.

Just totally wild.


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    You know what this promo’s problem is?

    It’s too subtle…..

  • expoc2

    This car is screaming already for a refresh… way too outdated front bumper… its like if it needed the new GS F sport front bumper put in instead… I really need to see an RC-F coming soon and not this Lexus “Accord” Coupe

    • Dppower

      The visionary lexus design languate does not immediately resonate with the average person. For this reason the average person may be more inclined to go a ridiculously styled Hyundai. The design will forge its own way and gain appreciation over time.

  • RAL

    “This is not your father’s Lexus!” . . . anymore

  • Crux

    and this whole time i thought it was the RC F.. Geez, what the F men…

  • LF_EH

    Can’t wait

  • Pistol Pete

    RC looks much more appealing on video and in motion than in pictures…. however im not really diggin the rear tail lights, i just think mazda whenever i see it

  • Dppower

    Beautiful striking intriguing video.
    Do you know what company did the video??

  • Mohammed Taha

    Don’t like using this term but …


  • jkobb

    Can I spend all my money on this Lexus

  • Anti-Lucifer

    The L in Lexus stands for Lucifer… This video proves they’ve sold their soul to the devil