Video: Neon-Light Lexus LS 430 from Japan

Lexus Japan Celsior Neon

Let’s end the week with an absolutely bonkers neon-lights Lexus LS 430/Toyota Celsior from Japan:

Have a nice weekend, everyone — next week is SEMA, get ready for live coverage!

See more photos of the Neon Light Celsior


  • Mike DeLorca

    Well, even though this is not my “cup of Tea”, I am extremely impressed with the person or party who took the time, money and effort to make this electronic marvel. and light show come to fruition. I only hope they are associated with an auto electronics outlet….. for the expense must have been quite costly to say the least. Really enjoyed it though !

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Disco LS nice one.

  • Tragic Bronson

    Only in Japan. I doubt I’ll see MOST US LS owners actually doing this, but it is a hit with the kids.