Salma Hayek & Lexus RX Star in Milk Commercial

Lexus RX Salma Hayek

Let’s end the week off on a light note — here’s the Lexus RX playing a supporting role in this funny milk commercial with Salma Hayek:

Have a nice weekend everybody!


  • Pedro Roldão

    uuhhh Salma & Lexus… what a good combination

    • corradoMR2

      A+ on that!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline


  • Mike DeLOrca

    How can you not like LEXUS and SALMA HAYEK together ? What a winning duo !
    Smart Milk promoteres !!!!!!

  • MikeVossen

    I’m I the only one sensing irony with Salma and a Milk commercial? :D Great ad, she is still amazingly gorgeous!