Lexus LFA Owners Event Today in New Orleans

Lexus LFA Owners Event

A very special event is happening today in New Orleans — 20 Lexus LFA owners have gathered at the NOLA Motorsport Park for a day of racing.

While there’s sure to be official Lexus coverage in the days to come, people attending the track day have been posting photos on social media networks — here’s a quick collection.

Lexus LFA Owners Event 1

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 2

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 4

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 3

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 5

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 6

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LFA owners also had a chance to meet Akio Toyoda, who showed up in the #83 Nürburgring LFA race car:

Lexus LFA Owners Event Akio Toyoda

What an amazing event for owners, Lexus really pulled out all the stops to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Can’t wait to see more coverage of the twenty LFAs all together.


  • 05rollaxrs

    Three legends at the same place for the Lexus LFA – Grand Am champion Scott Pruett, JGTC champion Kinoshita and Akio Toyoda.
    Must have been one hell of an event.

  • Raptor

    I am sick with envy…

  • leopard08


  • Lexus Cohen

    Am I allowed to attend with my 94 Celica?

  • Travus

    This is so awesome… I almost shed a tear. Make another Epic car like the LFA Lexus ! Please !

  • Travus

    Epic car meet… can anyone guess the total dollar amount that is there combined ? One could only imagine the epic sound of all those engines roaring down the track all at once… WHY NO VIDEO !

  • MD

    Lexus was shooting the event with multiple cameras and hopefully they will put together some great footage (not a pathetic shoddy documentary like they did in the “LFA vs Eclipse 500 jet” race event).

  • 05rollaxrs

    An interesting anecdote, three of the used LFAs that Lexus brought were all bought on the spot by two buyers (one buyer bought two LFAs).

  • coryn hughes

    Just saw some great footage of some cars on

    I’d be intersted to hear from drivers in standard LFA’s how much tthere HOT tyre pressures were after 5 lap runs and how much they had them normalised back to for there next runs.

    PS those white Ring Editions give me a hard on.