Photo Gallery: Lexus IS 300h F SPORT in Ultrasonic Blue

Lexus IS 300h Ultrasonic Blue

Lexus UK has released a nice photo gallery of the Ultrasonic Blue IS 300h F SPORT:

While Ultra White may be the F SPORT color of choice nowadays, Ultrasonic Blue would be my first choice, hands down. Looks fantastic.

[Source: Lexus UK]


  • RAL

    Nice . . . but IMO nothing beats “atomic silver” . . . you have to see it.

    • Tragic Bronson

      Both colors make the car stand out, and a shame they don’t offer them in the US on the F Sport model (those Atomic Silver F Sports in Canada just taunt us).

  • Brendan

    Ultrasonic Blue looks amazing on that car. Amazing.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Pretty cool ..but my first choice with be Nebula Pearl gray its that good on IS300h.

  • Joshd

    don’t understand why its not available on the US :(

    • Sentinel Gaben-vcc

      Well, here in North America they sell the CT, they know if the bring this model automatically CT will have to go out the market… but consumers we don’t give two sh…ts about that. We should be able to buy it here too.

  • corradoMR2

    USB = standout!

  • Lexus Cohen

    If this color is available for the GS next year I’m trading my nebula. No shark fin for this model?

  • FooFoo

    Are they going to have tsunami yellow???