Production Lexus NX Compact Crossover Released in August 2014?

Lexus NX Mag-X

Japanese magazine Mag-X has published some information on the upcoming Lexus NX compact crossover — here are the main points, roughly translated:

  • The Lexus NX will use the same chassis platform as the RAV4.
  • The production model could reach dealerships in August 2014.
  • Measurements could be 4550 × 1845 × 1660mm (length x width x height)

Along with the rendering above, Mag-X also created this rear view:

Lexus NX Rendering Mag-X Rear

While the LF-NX concept was only marginally smaller than the RX, a production NX crossover based on the RAV4 chassis would increase the size difference (NX: 4550mm long, RX: 4770mm long) — this is very important if Lexus wants to avoid the two models competing against one another.

[Source: Mag-X]


  • pattebb

    If it will look like this, i think it will sell very well…And promise to have the is300h engine with 4wd, then it vill sell even better..

  • mgoldwire

    The back reminds me of that ugly new Mitsubishi Outlander. The grille is too small. The worst rendering I’ve seen thus far

    • kr_metal

      And the infinity headlights…

      • mgoldwire

        Hell, it looks like that ugly Infiniti Q class in the front period.

    • RHKP

      such negative comments, no doubt they only belong in your MOUTH…………..!

      • mgoldwire

        Watch it. Those are my opinions. If you think they are negative, then that’s your opinion. So with that being said, your comment regarding my comments, without a doubt, ONLY BELONG IN YOUR MOUTH. Good day.

  • jezze

    what is this this isent even a vehicle? :S

  • justin

    they are using a rav 4 chasis….

  • Zipman

    I thought the NX concept was over the top. But this is too boring. I think something in between would be perfect. After being initially repulsed by the NX concept, I have to admit that I was starting to quite like it.

  • Mike

    Looks like a Ford Focus from 1998 (front) and a Audi Q5 (back). I hope it will look different than this rendering. @Ford: NEW-EDGE-Design meets L-Finesse! OMG

  • Oliver Online

    These never look like the real thing so do not take these designs for granted. That’s why they deliberately camouflage them to look different.

  • RAL

    The spindle grill doesn’t stand apart, but blends well with the overall design. This seems more believable as a production model. Anxious to see the real thing.

  • corradoMR2

    Good dimensions if they make it to prod. Nice rear and side profile, front looks a little dorky – grill too low and small. Tokyo Motor Show in November should unveil the prod-ready model.

  • Momo10

    Nice, I’d buy it f it looks like this