Lexus GS 200t Trademark Registered in Australia

Lexus GS 200t Australia

Yesterday, Lexus trademarked the GS 200t nameplate in Australia — this adds another model in the lineup that will be getting the new 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine when it arrives next year. Other models registered with the 200t designation are the RX, and the yet-to-be released RC & NX.

Australia, along with Europe, China & Japan, currently offer the 204hp V6 powered GS 250 — have to expect the GS 200t will replace this model. At this point, it’s unlikely the GS 200t will be offered in North America.

View the Lexus GS 200t Trademark (Thanks Matt!)


  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Ибрагимов

    Good move, the GS need something more powerful and more fresh than the old 2.5L that is in use from 2006

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    There is no reason not to offer it in The States, since BMW and Audi has similar models on the market. It might be a good idea to build up the GS brand.

    I know the 528i is selling well…..

    • krew

      Without knowing the details, I might choose the GS 300h over this engine — however, price & performance is all guesswork right now.

      • BlackDynamiteOnline

        No reason not to offer a GS for $44k with a turbo four.
        The competition does.
        The new CTS will too.

  • jezze

    what with the “T” can someone explain or does it mean turbocharged?

    • krew

      I would assume so — it has to be referring 2.0L turbo engine that Toyota announced last year.

      • Yong Thian Ding

        Which announcement was that ? :o
        I somehow missed that one though . XD

      • krew
      • Yong Thian Ding

        Oh , I even comment about it but forget it totally . XD

        Good job for Toyota/Lexus that select to do 2.0-liter Turbo ! I eventually hope that engine will replace V6 or some other higher displacement engine for certain market that have to pay different amount of tax due to engine displacement .

        For example Taiwan , Camry 2.5 seems to fall into bigger tax after gain from 2.4 .

      • nj101

        in my country, Lexus’ base model for IS, ES, GS and RX are the 350 variant due to higher import tax on engine with lower displacement. Other than the CT, we never get anything smaller than the 3.5 V6. I know that this incoming 2liter engine will be the bread and butter for the Lexus, we just wish we could have that.

      • Yong Thian Ding

        Import tax here are based on where the car were made , and how much the car will cost ; but we have to pay roadtax every year , roadtax are engine displacement base . For example 2.0-liter are about RM276 to RM376 , while 2.5-liter will be RM500+ .

        5.0-liter like IS-F can be about RM4k or so a year .

  • Yong Thian Ding

    In Malaysia , we have

    GS 250 – RM366,200
    GS 250 Luxury – RM398,660
    GS 250 F-Sport – RM400,600
    GS 350 Luxury – RM456,800
    GS 350 F-Sport – RM464,800

    … all of them built in Japan , fully Imported ,
    but they didn’t seems to sell as much as ,

    E 200 Avantgarde – RM366,888 (CKD , facelifted 2.0 Turbo)
    E 250 Avantgarde – RM405,888 (CKD , facelifted 2.0 Turbo)
    520d – RM333,800 (SKD)
    523i – RM383,800 (CKD , 2.5-liter L6)
    528i – RM449,800 (CKD , 3.0-liter L6)
    535i – RM598,800 (fully imported)

    Maybe brand play a factor , but another reason might because of engine displacement , due to 2.5-liter from Lexus (and Infiniti too) , many would just get rival from Germans … because in Malaysia , engine displacement matters (although Camry 2.5 still sell rather well compare with Peugeot 508 1.6 Turbo) .

    • nj101

      How about dealer networks? Perhaps Germans have more dealerships than the Lexus.

      • Yong Thian Ding

        Come think of it , you’re right about that though ! Lexus barely have dealership here , but it also have a deadly rival here … it’s called Toyota .

  • Erich Kerner

    That´s a nice move from Lexus i have to say… :-)
    The GS will have a nice lineup of engines e.g. on the JDM next year….
    GS 200t – entry Level but not slow at all
    GS 300h – good Performance with great consumption
    GS 350 – the best of all worlds.. :-)
    GS 450h – welcome to the Show….i would say
    GS F – pure emotions!!
    …and if the RX will get the 200t engine – why no RX 300h for some markets??

    • nj101

      I wish Lexus creates something that ends with 200Th