Should the 2014 Lexus CT 200h Look Like This?

Lexus CT 2014 Refresh

It’s been rumored that the Lexus CT 200h will be receiving a mid-cycle refresh in the 2014 model year, and Japanese magazine Best Car has created the rendering above as an illustration of what the car might look like.

What do you think?

[Source: Best Car]


  • mrxandthexfactor

    No. Needs something more exciting. This looks a bit bland and odd.

  • WalterDWilliams

    The car will be refreshed and the F Sport version will look like it should have the whole time…very agressive.

  • Mike

    Refreshment is not necessary! Why always change design every 4th year? Lexus tradition means do not change design to often and to strong. This will keep up the resale price. Look at Audi: every second year a redesign of any model. Horrible!

  • Matisse

    Instead of redesign a new engine should come up, eg 300h or 2.0t

  • z2cents


  • jerry

    The CT already has a mild spindle grill. It isn’t very noticeable but the outline is there. All they did in this rendering is black out the bumper.

    The updated CT should receive something more noticeable and more aggressive.

  • RAL

    aggressive . . . aggressive . . . aggressive . . . aggressive . . . aggressive . . .

  • Yong Thian Ding

    I was expecting something better … :(

  • asdub

    boring, bland, old age pensioner Micra-styling!! This needs to be sexed up, look at the new Merc-A Class …come on Lexus!!

  • Mike

    Right! At any case! 200h is far too less to choose from!

  • meny

    So buy Merc! :)

  • nj101

    Absolutely NO! Lexus should put the updated HS’ grill into the CT and have the new 2-liter turbo in it.

  • Erich Kerner

    The CT should be extended to a “family” of cars like the BMW 1series…..

  • Mike DeLorca

    Looks the same as original… much more aggresiveness needed. Make it similar to the family of siblings.

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    I’d like to see a nose closer to the IS.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    No, it should look like the Red CT in the picture above.

  • jezze

    more finesse and styling like the GX

  • Mike DeLorca

    Agree—the Red CT photo from BD’s comment is what it should look like. Anything less is a miss. This can only push sales into high gear and offer other engine variants to push it into orbit. Many people comment that they would purchase, if offered with other engines.

  • DillonD

    I hope they do fix the LEDs on this one though. They do not look as good as the other models at all! There is a weird split in them.

  • jezze

    i wonder if Lexus is going to do a full family portrait after this update (it’ll be my wallpaper) ;)

  • Thomas


  • Thomas

    Why should a car like this look “aggressive”? It has a 0-60 time in about 11 Seconds and theres nothing “aggressive” about that.

  • LOLFanboysaredumb

    I like it, but I’m afraid the whole brand image has become ever so slightly too aesthetically synonymous. Front end spindles aren’t different enough on some vehicles to clearly distinguish them, just my 2 cents.

  • Lexus Cohen

    This car needs something more.

  • WalterDWilliams

    Great question. I saw the car at a private Lexus event and there is no doubt the update will be have more agressive cosmetics but same powertarin and suspension.

  • asdub

    if design here isn’t improved, people will buy the Merc – that is why most people on this forum are vocal about Lexus design – you want to stay with Lexus – but design wins over!