Photos: Lexus LF-CC Super GT Race Car on the Track

Lexus Super GT Racing

The Lexus GT500 race car scheduled to participate in the 2014 season of the Japanese Super GT series had its first public test run this week at the Suzuka Circuit:

Lexus Super GT GT500 Rear

Lexus Super GT GT500 Going

Based on the LF-CC concept, this new Lexus GT500 race car will be replacing the SC 430 GT500 model currently racing in Super GT this season.

[Source: Auto Sport Web] (Translated)


  • Roman Pogoretskiy

    Hey look the lights are showing the RCF. Dang it, they are separating the headlights again.

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Finally the light shape are unveiled !

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Video please, but yeah looks menacing from the front ,the rear looks proper.

  • Bobby

    The rear looks good, just a modified GS look not directly off the GS it seems. Can’t wait!

  • blkpantha

    dammm that spindle grille looks so-fa-king sweet

  • blkpantha

    the whole car look so-fa-king sweet if I was a race car driver that’s wat I wanna ride the circuit in

  • matt

    This needs to be a production car…NOW!

  • kr_metal

    Without the nike DRLs, this looks great.