Excellent New Renderings of the Lexus RC F Coupe

Lexus RC F Coupe Rendering Carscoops

Carscoops has released two new renderings of the rumored Lexus RC F high-performance coupe, and they are absolutely superb — there’s the image above and this view from the opposite angle:

Lexus RC F Coupe Rendering Rear

Based on the coupe prototype currently racing around Nürburgring, these illustrations are exceptionally detailed and smartly done — excellent work by Carscoops.

View the Carscoops Renderings in High Resolution


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Not nearly as sexy as the RC Concept. Chrome around the greenhouse is needed.
    The profile isn’t the greatest. But I like the front end and rear end styling.

  • NazT

    Back looks awesome, not a huge fan of the headlights at the front, I think the front could have been much better!

  • matt

    Looks like a celiac, especially the hood

    • wasapasserby

      Better not feed it corn or it might get indigestion.

  • nj101

    ive seen this a while ago, back is awesome. I think the grill will be more pronounced than this and I believe Carscoop missed the head light. I think the headlight’s main cluster and the DRL will also be splited/separated just like the new IS but will be covered by glass together.

  • kr_metal

    I like the LF-CC concept’s lights better.

  • Pedro Roldão

    I also think the front end could have been better,

  • jezze

    dat arse looks moded/riced with the wide body gs lights not so much

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Damn i think the rendering is so close it be might whats it looks like in production model jus ill?

  • Lexus Cohen

    Not feeling the front end, the back is amazing!

  • Name

    It’s completly wrong, there are no F badges on the fenders :P

  • CC Rider

    Front end, kinda bleh, but that rear end rendering, makes the car a beastly badass… Love it, hope it looks that good

  • yosafbridge

    I suspect the front end will look better on the production car. Keep the rear as it is and say “lights out” for the BMW M4.

  • http://twitter.com/CruxFiveTen Crux

    Looks good.