Even More Video of the Camouflaged Lexus RC F Prototype

Lexus RC F Prototype Camo

There’s now more footage of the Lexus RC F camouflaged prototype, by way of Paul Tan:

Impressive quality to this footage, it almost feels like an official video — no question about it, Lexus definitely wants this car to be seen.

(Thanks KOAK!)


  • Matt

    Love it!!

  • http://twitter.com/CruxFiveTen Crux

    I counted three RC F’s. Sick!

    • Ayo DocMkize

      I counted 1 IS F and two RC F’s at the Petrol station and convoy.

    • darkride

      Yes you are correct, I’ve counted three total throughout all the videos and picture that have been taken. There are three different license plates 681, 682, 683. There is also a GS-F not so camoflaged prototype as we’ve seen.

      Having 1 prototype is not cheap, having 3 must be expensive. I’ve only been able to find 682 videos of on the Nurburgring where you hear the V8. I wonder if one of the other two might have a V6 TT, haven’t heard the others during track.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Yes this car must seen and driven all the time both and off the track.

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    I’d love to see an RC 450h with the GS’ hybrid drive engine and the IS 300h’s cvt.

  • nj101

    This is just an edited version of previous videos. Btw, cant wait for this car.

  • once bitten

    The deep base sound in the V8 makes me think there is a supercharger under there. Could be just sound editing though.

  • KOAK

    You’re welcome Krew. Sorry if this is a edited video of other clips that have been shown. Just happy to see ANY footage of the RC F that I can get my hands on!

  • corradoMR2

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait for the unveil!

  • Travis

    Lexus is out doing themselves and killing the naysayers. I Love it…. they have officially shut out infiniti and Acura. Lexus is bringing the fight to the Germany like no one else does