Imagining the 2015 Lexus RC F

2015 Lexus RC F Rendering

Using recent spy photos as inspiration, Top Speed has tried recreating the Lexus RC F without camouflage — here’s the full image, including reference:

Lexus RC F Rendering Top Speed Full

It’s a decent attempt overall, but there’s a softness to the design that doesn’t hit the right points for an F model — the headlights in particular don’t have the sharpness and definition I’d expect.

What do you think, yay or nay?

[Source: Top Speed]


  • oefos

    Its a Nay for me, though I fear it will end up close to this, I want to see something as close to the LF-CC as possible, except for the lower part of the front bumper.

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    It’s a yay from me,but I’ve no doubt the real thing will be even “yayer”.

  • LexVVTi

    Though it looks about right, I really hope its alot more aggressive. This rendering is a bit bland n soft looking

  • Bobby

    Yay! Seeing as the IS was pretty aggressive, I have no doubts the RC will be more aggressive than this render. Although I do like how it looks right now. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • corradoMR2

    Nay. Roof is too “thick” and bulbous, and headlights are ripped off a 6-series coupe. I’m optimistic though that the prod version will have crisper, more aggressive lines and look far more impressive in person.

  • nj101

    Yay, but the grill must somehow resemble that of the lf-lc plus a more aggresive character lines.

  • Crux

    Not bad. I will cast a vote towards Yay! That vent (hood scoop) hopefully does not look remotely close to that rendering. Front and Back wheel well needs to bulge out for a more F aggressive stance. LED running lights needs some adjustment in length making it more proportional with the headlights and spindle grille. Waiting for the next rendering after top speed takes a few of my sugg. Carry on mates…

  • Jerry

    I’d prefer something closer to the LF CC in terms of body design and sharpness. Lexus could do worse than this I suppose. I suspect the production RC F will look much more aggressive however

  • han

    hell NO!

    this looks korean!

  • BlckDynamite

    Nice try, but, no…..

  • enthusiast88

    Those jack-o-lantern headlights look terrible! The front fender vent and rocker panel looks dated already. That rear bumper protrusion looks very awkward as well. I was really hoping for something like the LF-CC concept. Nay from me.

  • jesse

    nay for the headlights and nay for no fog lights

  • lexi

    Can’t Lexus design a better headlights?? it’s so 80’s design… and this car is for 2015???

  • Puppet H

    It looks akward especially the LFA inspired head lights with the curve making it ugly. They should look at the LFA, then add the spindle grille. Also the intake duct has to be LFA-esque, that looks wrong-shaped. Even Gazoo LFA looks better. I know this is a concept and a re-imaging of the final product but comon Lexus

    • Nate Vongshotivat

      It just a redering from a clue that they saw a car with camouflage. I believe it will look much more aggressive than this rendering.

      • Puppet H

        umm. and that is what my final sentence said… Read!

  • whateverdude

    Nay, this render doesn’t do justice to the real RC.

  • Naz

    I hope the final car does not look like this as it would be a NAY for me. Let’s hope it looks sharper and more like the concept and they don’t dull it down so much!
    The concept was just so great! :>

  • k_one

    Nay. I believe the Lexus production model will look much better than this.