Top Gear Australia Reviews the 2014 Lexus IS

Lexus IS 250

Let’s end today’s Top Gear focus with a review of the 2014 Lexus IS from Top Gear Australia.

Key quote: “The bigger personality and enhanced capability of the new IS range is a big (and pleasant) surprise.”

Read the Top Gear Review from TGA


  • Ralph

    That IS looks like a 3 series chassis. Lexus looks like they cant come up with their own ideas.

  • Johnnyrocket

    How can you see the chassis? What qualifications do you have to make such a comment?

  • OlFius

    Is Ralph living in Germany maybe ? :-)
    You meant something else then chassis, I think ?

    But anyway, if you like the 3 and the IS looks alike, then you are the winner ! You can choose.

  • jesse

    where do you even get this idea

  • Lexus Cohen

    Another retarded troll.