Lexus USA Releases Two New IS Commercials

Lexus IS Commercials

Lexus USA has released two new IS commercials today — first up is Intense, and it’s pretty racy:

The second spot is This is Your Move, and it features Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp:

(While I’m not a fan of celebrity guest appearances, I thought Intense brought some real flavor to the IS personality — both are certainly a far cry from the other two launch commercials.)


  • Nataraj_D

    Is the first one really a lexus USA commercial? Because it isn’t in english lol…

    • krew

      It’s made for the Latino market in the USA.

  • Coro

    It might be worth mentioning that these two adverts are the first of many targeted to the Latino and African-American communities for the 3 IS.

    • Travis

      Well they both come off extremely sexy compared to the boring standard white. I say keep it up.

      Also I dont think its targeted to to any group… just because it has a different race of people in the video doesn’t mean its then “targeted” to them. Not every actor needs to be caucasian

    • krew

      Thought about mentioning it, but believe the commercials should be able to stand on their own merit. Talking about racial targeting is pretty awkward outside of press releases.

  • F1orce

    The only thing I don’t like about the new one is the location of the power/engine start button.. I preferred the old button in the old location..

  • corradoMR2

    h…h…h……… (the first one)

  • BlckDynamite

    The Lexus IS should be everything the Lexus ES is not. Bold, aggressive, sexy, fun.

    These commercials are dripping with these Lexus IS qualities…..