Lexus Canada IS Commercial: Intensity

Lexus Canada have released their commercial for the 2014 IS, and it’s called Intensity for good reason:

Love the colors and the pace — a real strong addition to IS commercials from the USA & Europe.


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Never liked the dark grey color on a new car

    It never looks new, and it usually blends into the background environment…..

  • oefos

    Best IS commercial yet! Those artistic ones are awful..

  • mat

    Ummm I’ll have what HE’S having.

  • OlFius

    The new IS doesn’t need a striking color to stand out.

    I prefer the silver color, for you more the blue or the red color ?

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Just not dark grey…..

  • corradoMR2

    I appreciate the showcasing of the product (car) in almost the entire 30 sec commercial. Another refreshing change is it’s not another video with an Ultra White IS, but one that looks like Atomic Silver/Titanium Metallic. Nice!

  • Andyl

    Great ad, better than the zebra ad(white and black)

  • joe


  • Thomas

    You dont like grey, Tank? How ’bout lime?

  • Thomas

    Lexus focus on “sportiness” and “feel” can easily become over the top.

  • OlFius

    Don’t miss the interactive video on the Lexus UK site !

  • F1orce

    This ad is clear and concise.