Photo Gallery: The Lexus LC-CC Concept & New IS F SPORT Together

Lexus IS & LF-CC Concept together

As part of their sponsorship of the Australian International Design Awards, Lexus Australia has released a stunning collection of photos featuring the LF-CC concept and the new IS F SPORT together:

The similarities between the two cars are dramatic, despite the difference in doors — even still, the Lexus Australia press release provides an interesting perspective:

Although concept in design, the LF-CC provides much of the inspiration for the forthcoming, all-new IS Line and provides a hint of a future two-door mid-size coupe scheduled for production.

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley said that the LF-CC brings with it renewed focus on design and driving dynamics.

“The LF-CC signals a new Lexus, one buoyed by confidence and a desire to deliver vehicles that are visually and dynamically appealing,” Mr Hanley said.

“LF-CC is more than a concept, it is a promise from Lexus to deliver an engaging and exciting two-door coupe – in fact, its impact is already evident in the forthcoming IS Line.

“The beauty of LF-CC is more than skin deep, with its innovative petrol-electric drivetrain and on-board features, the LF-CC and in fact the LF-LC coupe concept are graphic demonstrations of what’s to come from Lexus,” Mr Hanley said.

As a bonus, there’s also a video from the photoshoot:

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  1. ron

    Lexy, BRING IT ON!!! and don't change a thing! stunning!
  2. Supremely gorgeous!
  3. The LF-CC is epic enough to ride with me, Black Dynamite! Even the color is a spot-in match..... BD
  4. Surprised this colour is not available for the IS. They have the concept yellow for the CT. Perhaps it will different elsewhere, but in Canada you really only get a choice of Silver (x3 different), white (x2), black (x2, one of which is F-Sport only), and red/blue (F-Sport only). They got rid of the Dark Brown (Fire Agate), Silver-Blue (Cerulean Blue) and Dark Blue (Deep Sea Mica).
    • To be fair, this is a brand new color just introduced with the LF-CC. I'd like to see it reach production as well. (Very excited to see that Canada is getting the Ultrasonic Blue IS F SPORT.)
  5. I echo the rest of the posters : Pretty Please, Lexus. Bring over the LF-CC unmodified as the next RC-F and I know what my next Lexus will be.
  6. I'd love to see the GS 450h's driveline find it's way to the RC.
  7. That LF-CC makes the new IS look dated already.
  8. The Video says to me that the LF-CC Concept is production ready....DonĀ“t wait any longer Lexus...
    • You may be right, but even if they had plans complete and solified today, it would still take 6+ months to set up the factory and do mockbuilds to make sure it can be built efficiently and without issues and first production model to role off would be a 2015, similar to what has been rumoured (but out at dealers June/July 2014). I'm hoping this is the case and that its all planned, just takes a year to come to fruition.
  9. the LF-CC's front is what the new IS should have looked like - damn amazing design!!
  10. I will buy it, like it is.. Don't change nothing ! Give us a good price !
  11. Wow that's incredibly sharp!
  12. Whta do you think about the new BMW 4er guys?
    • I really like the new 4, but I don't think that you can compare it with the LF-CC, because it always will be a concept, not a production car. I think that, when Lexus created the new IS some years ago, it was also the intention to create a new IS coupe but something has changed in the meanwhile. The auto market (Audi/BMW/...) has pushed Lexus a little bit... So I think that Lexus will create a whole new (coupe) RC car with some characteristics of the IS2014, but with sufficient differences to it see it as a new type. Just like you can compare the BMW 3 with the 4. The LF-CC concept looks to be finished for (showed up in France, 2012) to release only somewhere in 2015 or so. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't wait to see the first pictures of th new RC.
    • Totally agree with you, and at least a streamline version of the IS based on the RC would be absolutely gorgeous, with a fastback shape though
  13. I really I don't know if americans may loves a coupe with a very original shape like the RC. I went on and i was reading some comments about the beautiful 2014 BMW 4 Series....well, mostly of them were absolutely negative and many people said the a5 looks way better than the 4 Series...You gotta be joking, the dullest coupe on earth now is taken as landmark? Really?