Imagining a 2014 Lexus IS Hatchback

Lexus IS Hatchback Rear

Fresh from his rendering of an IS SportCross wagon, master photochopper Theophilus Chin has created a smaller IS-inspired hatchback:

Lexus IS Hatchback Front

Lexus IS Hatchback Side

This may just be a merger of the CT & IS models, but the resulting vehicle shows some real character — always fun to see what Theophilus has dreamed up.

See higher resolution images on the Theophilus Chin website


  • Ron

    That’s just and IS front moulded with a CT’s back. Doubt That Lexus would design an IS Sportback that looks like this.. Theophilus is a Malaysian car enthusiast.. Some of his renderings are extremely identical to actual production cars.. Haha but don’t think this IS rendering will hit the mark.

    • krew

      Yeah, it’s not really much more than a CT & IS pushed together — still, I can’t resist posting Theophilus’ work, he does such a great job.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    The SportCross design he did last month was definitely better.
    I’ll never accuse the CT of being good-looking…..

    • krew

      I don’t know, I like the CT a lot. Not enough power, though.

  • tinhinnh

    i don’t like luxury hatchbacks. most of them don’t look good either.

    • krew

      I like them personally, but Lexus doesn’t need more than the CT in the lineup.

  • Pedro Roldão

    Better than the CT at the rear end.

    • krew

      The rear of the car really jumps out at me as well, it’s very well executed with the CT & IS elements.

  • Crux

    For a hot hatch, there is nothing note-worthy about this design. Absolutely BLAND & boring, which is the mantra Akio is suppose to be swaying away from. #Terrible.

  • altezza

    IS coupe will arrive in 2015. CT facelift this december.

  • skdebisingh

    I actually like it a lot. I would take one with F Sport if that was a CT250/350. I had 3 previous VW GTi’s and damn I miss the practicality and fun of that car. If there was a hatch version of the new IS with that body, I would trade my 2IS.

  • F1orce

    No for any type of hatchback!

    Ct200h is more than enough..