Photo Gallery: Clean Starfire Pearl Lexus GS F SPORT


Regular reader Alex O sent in some photos of his friend’s customized Lexus GS F SPORT, and it’s a real looker:

The light exterior customization was done by the folks at Sewell Lexus, and includes vinyl gloss on the roof for a panoramic effect, black vinyl-wrapped chrome, and matte black vinyl on the front bumper — the result is a very clean, close-to-factory appearance that’s just right on the details.


  • JT

    That looks VERY familiar!

  • Brad

    Nice!So much nicer than the “custom” jobs I see around my place!Too many Cavalier’s & Neon’s from “hill billy hell”!

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    Well Lexus GS350 is a beautiful car but it didn’t change nothing in the Middle East because of the POWER… but I do LOVE IT… Haters PLEASE!!!

  • Travis

    I dont like what they did with the black on the front end… looks better without it

  • Darrell Brown

    Realize it’s been about a year since this post — Alex O, noticed you got this done at Sewell, how much did it run if you don’t mind my asking.

  • toddxfrti

    Very Nice!. Anyone know about how much that package is?

  • toddxfrti

    Were you able to find you how much it cost? I just bought a white one and would love to do the same thing if it’s not too outrageous.

  • Darrell Brown

    I ended up getting the same wrap done on everything except the top (Park Place did it), and it cost me about $600. It looks really sharp, well worth it in my opinion.

  • toddxfrti

    Cool. Not as pricey as I thought it might be. I may be doing the same.

  • JC

    I just picked up a 2015 White/Cabernet GS 350 and want to do the same thing. Any suggestions on where to do it in Houston? What about paint vs. vinyl wrap?