Lexus RX 200t Trademark Registered in Australia

Lexus RX 200t

Lexus has registered RX 200t as a trademark in Australia, indicating that a fourth engine option for the SUV may be offered in the future.

Registered on April 4th, 2013 under trademark #1550008, this continues the speculation that Lexus will be receiving the new 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder previously announced by Toyota. It will also be the second Lexus model to trademarked with this new 200t suffix — the mystery NX 200t was registered late last year in the USA, Canada, and Australia. The NX is rumored to be a brand new compact crossover model.

(This turbocharged four-cylinder could make its way through most of the Lexus lineup — beside this RX 200t & the NX 200t, the engine is also rumored to be used in the new IS at some point.)

[Source: ATMOSS]


  • darkride

    I’d take a CT200t.

  • Josh Mathews

    “200t” sounds like “toot”.. did nobody else think of that?

  • FooFoo

    Hallelujaaaaaaaaaah! That will bring the price down in many countries according to tax structures!!!!!

  • MT

    Will the 200t replace the 270?

  • corradoMR2

    Encouraging to see this new engine is good enough for the heavier RX as well which speaks volumes on the engine’s capabilities. Very encouraging!

  • Joe

    Oh hell… volume numbers are speaking again… Lucky Australians… Unfortunately to compete the German 3 (or even Jaguar) in Europe we still need an RX 300h, an LS 450h, an IS 450h, an IS wagon, a GS wagon, a hybrid coupe-convertible, a small hybrid roadster… all for the brand image, not for pure volume of course. Allright, I will stop moaning and keep on dreaming ;-)

  • LS600h

    Lexus cheaping up the brand? MIght as well buy a Daewoo like BlackDynamiteOnline has.

  • Chris

    Logiacal step for lexus, althoug personally i don’t like small displacement turbo engines.
    The market is clearly there. I also expect a gs200t gs300h and a rx 300h as well as the is200t and the ct 200t

  • Boris

    +1 Agree

  • TerryPCG

    GS300h will be released in

  • FooFoo

    What about RX300h?

  • FooFoo

    I agree for the RX300h.