Lexus LF-LC Confirmed for Production

Lexus LF-LC Production Model

By way of Wards Auto, Lexus has confirmed the LF-LC concept will be made into a production model:

“[The LF-LC] was (intended as) a concept car, and I think it surprised everybody, including us, when Japan said due to overwhelming response they decided to do it,” Brian Smith, Lexus’ vice president-marketing, tells WardsAuto at a recent media event here. “It’s a huge win.”

Smith declines to reveal details about the LF-LC, including when production will begin.

This echoes earlier statements from former Lexus International executive vice-president Kazuo Ohara:

The top-end coupe would be an all-new car, possibly built from a newly developed set of underpinnings. That means it would take around four years to make it to production, and would be extremely costly to establish.

“We probably have to do something new,” Ohara says of the platform of the potential new model. “It’s our job to be able to make it affordable, even if it’s expensive. I cannot disclose anything more at this moment.”

While any excitement should be tempered by the possibility of a four-year wait, the fact that the LF-LC is confirmed for production is still an exciting development.

(Big questions: How close to the concept will it be? What engine will it use? Will it be a hybrid?)

[Source: Wards Auto]


  • Feliciano III ♪♫ [+]

    Wow! This is a good news for Lexus. Maybe an LFA Replacement? [+]

  • k3vo

    The new GS F?
    Just sayin’

  • WorldofLuxury


  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    I think the exterior design will be close to concept,probably even nicer and engine-wise my hunch is KERS- technology.

  • LexusNN

    oh lawd

  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    Here comes the hybrid revolution.

  • Brad

    Can I reserve one now?

  • F1orce

    Excellent!! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this in less than 4yrs time..

    Lexus are conservative and tend to understate the facts..

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Few should be surprised.
    The exec quote tells me the car will base for less than six figures.

    Whatever is powering the LS in 2015 will power this.
    Lexus seems to be very faithful to concepts in production, so…..

  • William A

    I had no doubts this would get approved for production. With the SC gone and the LFA’s production now ended Lexus needed a sporty coupe to compete with the likes of the SL and 6-Series, etc. Hopefully 4 years doesn’t turn into 9 years like the LFA with numerous exterior design changes that never see the light of day.

  • Chris

    I thought the LF Lc and a 500 hp hybrid were already confirmed. Engine also to be used in LS, supra and perhaps GS-f?
    And developement is already on its way so my guess is model year 2016.

  • abed

    WOW!! now we have rc f, gs f, and the lf-lc… looks like lexus wants to kick the germans ass!!!! I like thisssss

  • Angela

    It’s great to see Lexus taking more chances against their competition and by producing the LF-LC concept, I think they are going to get a lot more people interested in their brand.

  • MT

    It will use the yet to be released aktinson version oft 2UR-FSE. Bet on it! Will be the same as the new LS600h.

  • Jerry

    I think all he means is that they have to keep it at a reasonable price. Its not going to be a limited production car like the LFA so they can’t charge whatever they want to. Compared to the $400,000 LFA, $100,000 is “affordable, even if its expensive”.

    If its going to have the same engine as the next LSh though I’d expect it to be priced like the LSh. Maybe $120,000-ish?

  • Jerry

    I see this as more of an SC replacement than an LFA replacement.

  • tomas

    lexus wants to kick the germans ass :D yes off course!!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    I would expect them to use the same model they will when it comes to the Lexus IS and the upcoming Lexus RC.

    The IS starts at around $36k, and the RC will probably cost $5k more, but not start at the price of a ISF.

    So a LS at $80k would net a Lexus LC Coupe at $90k to start, or just under the Mercedes SL in price. I’m sure there will be models well over $100k, but not to start.

    Hard to charge more than Mercedes does for the SL when you don’t even have a convertible, just a coupe……

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Ибрагимов

    so the engines i expected is
    the Hybrid KERS with 500hp
    the biturbo V8 5.0l with 650hp

  • cfrb

    this car looks weird.. y don’t they just make a coup out of existing
    chassis, and bring it out withing a year or 2, rather than spending 4-5
    years in designing something that does not even look good, or will sell
    in large volumes

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    This is exactly what I’m thinking of…

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    That’s GREAT!! I’m sure it’s going to be less then 4 years and I’m SURE Lexus is taking time with their (F-Power) I guess because Lexus is studying how people likes their SPORT-CAR & studying the Life style of German :D
    I liks Lexus’s plans.

  • shedrives

    Build production of the concept car, as close as possible, blue with white or cream interior and consider it SOLD. Otherwise, I’ll take the blue concept version as is. Name your price.