Photos: Matte Grey Lexus GS in Miami

Lexus GS Matte Grey

The obsession with matte exteriors continues with this Lexus GS wrapped in grey from Superior Auto Design in Miami:

The quality & installation of the wrap is fantastic, even if I’m not 100% sold on the grey exterior — definitely like the blacked out front bumper, though.

[Source: Superior Auto Design]


  • Brad

    Looks menacing!…Definately needs some wheels to complete the package though!!!

    • darkride

      Agreed. I’d like to see the F-Sport wheels, or the original IS-F wheels on this.

    • Jason Collin

      I am a fan of matte car colors, gray in particular so I like it a lot, but even before I read the comments here, I was thinking those wheels just negate all benefits of the matte wrap and blacked out parts. At the least they need to be powder coated black or something.

  • William A

    I think I want a matte car. I actually saw a matte black car last week, a Chevy Tahoe. At night time with no lights reflecting off of it it almost looked invisible. It’s a cool effect.

    Agree on the wheels as well. The F-Sport’s wheels would be perfect.

  • Angela

    Normally I’m not a fan of matted colored cars, but I think it works on the Lexus GS.

  • Lexus Cohen

    This would look better on the Fsport, very nice though!