Website Update & Assorted Announcements

Lexus Enthusiast

First off, let me welcome you to the latest edition of the Lexus Enthusiast website! It’s a minor update with a few design tweaks, but should improve the reading experience for everyone.

(If things don’t look quite right, please empty your cache and refresh your browser.)

Along with the website refresh, I have another announcement — I’ve temporarily relocated to California until the middle of April.

I’m here to work as a consultant on a project at Team One, Lexus USA’s advertising agency. As you might expect, I’m limited by what I can say, but the project isn’t directly related to this website or its readers — instead, I’m acting as editor of a new collection of Lexus stories.

While nothing will change here on the website, I will be bringing on someone to help with the workload — newcomer Matthew Wong from Australia will be assisting me with moderating comments and chipping in with the occasional news story.

(I have a couple other things planned while here in Los Angeles — more about that shortly.)


  • Sora Yi


  • Thegreatkingissafe

    Congrats! Hopefully we will still get all the exciting rumors!

  • krew

    No worries about that — it’s in my contract. ;-)

  • Brad

    Excellent news Kevin…Congrats!

  • DillonD

    Congrats! And by the way, where did you get that IS picture? I want it for my background but that one is too small!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Domo arigato……Hai!

  • BOSS

    Will you still be cheering for the Leafs?!? lol.
    Best wishes! 

  • F1orce


    California is better than Canada

  • Joe Z Performance

    So is the warm weather!!!!
    Congrats on the new venture… Looking to meeting up again..
    ~ Joe Z :)

  • krew

    Exactly what I was thinking, Joe.

  • WorldofLuxury

    Team One is a huge contributor to the awesome image of the Lexus brand we know!

  • Mike DeLorca

    Fantastic Kevin !    Lexus is moving in so many directions that are vital to it’s growth…..Congratulations !   You do a great job !

  • blkpantha

    #TeamSpindleGrille Family to the world.. We moving up little by little Spindle!