Lexus IS 300h in Titanium Metallic

Lexus IS in Titanium Metallic

Another new Lexus IS color debuted at the Geneva Motor Show — Titanium Metallic / Sonic Titanium is a shade of silver that will sit between Nebula Gray Pearl & Silver Lining.

Here’s the best two photos of the new color, click for a larger version:

Lexus IS in Titanium Metallic

Lexus IS Titanium Metallic Number Three

The newest color in the Lexus palette almost has the look of bare metal — it’s hard to say from photos alone, but it would likely be my choice of the the three available silvers.

[Source: Lexus Europe via Club Lexus]


  • Brendan

    Will this color be available in the USA?

  • Brad

    Anything that looks like raw metal gets my vote!Too bad it was shown with parchment colored interior…it would have looked so bad ___ with black interior!

  • Moonrayker

    Give whatever fancy name you like, grey is grey.  What happened to the brave new world of bold, striking images and exciting lines etc etc; where is my colour choice of green, yellow, mauve, candy apple red or two tone combinations?  Sorry but light grey, medium grey or dark grey doesn’t really cut it for me.


      Each to their own I guess. The only colour that should be on a car is grey, white or black, or in rare cases a unique muted colour of any sort IMO and no, I am not a boring person if thats what your thinking. Colour is for people in mid-life crisis buying a Ferrari or teenage drivers and their 1st car..

      • tinhn9uyen

        Grey only looks good in good lighting.

      • F1orce

        Yeah I agree..

    • darkride

      What about Ultra Blue or Mesa Red?

      • LEXICON

        No. I’m just not a fan of colour on cars. Especially red, blue & def. not yellow…

  • Duane Dewey Webber

    Very cool

  • peter1958

    I’m definitely a fan of the trio of silvers or white.   Not keen on parchment with silver.  I think it needs to be black, red or the tan color on the Lexus USA website which features the dark silver IS. Really liking the new IS more and more each time I see it. Can’t wait to drive it when it reaches New Zealand in June or July.

  • sydtoosic

    i need to see all the silvers side by side… LP, MM, SL, TM. because they all look the same. i would like to see the difference in all the silver colors.

    • Willbarn2377

      Have u seen the different types of silver in person or on picture? And if u would get the opportunity to see them sided by side make ur judgment then…

      reason why I say this is because I didn’t like the shades of silver they used… One day I was bored went down to the Lexus dealers, I was speechless… I experience Lexus new colors that they have been introducing on their new ride 2013+ and they blow me away especially when I first saw the GS IS LX silver I was completely speechless … I was like that has to be the best choice’s of slivers there is in the automobile game there is out there… From then on I apply the “don’t judge a book by its cover law”

  • SlumLord

    Damn, i have been there yesterday in geneve to see Lexus. I was so excited. 
    greeting from swiss

  • F1orce

    Looking very sharp!