Lexus 2012 Sales in Japan

The GS was the best selling Lexus in Japan last year, according to a list compiled by the Best Selling Cars Blog — here’s a full list of all Lexus sold in 2012, and their national ranking:

Model Units Sold National Rank
Lexus GS11,41479
Lexus CT11,32580
Lexus RX9,20188
Lexus HS4,965122
Lexus LS4,431132
Lexus IS2,215166
Lexus LFA102294
Lexus SC2357

Lexus Japan sold 43,655 units in total for 2012, marking a 3% increase over the previous year and making it the top selling luxury brand in the country.

(The popularity of the GS in Japan is impressive, as is the number of variants available — Japanese consumers can purchase a GS 250, GS 350 & GS 450h, all in standard or F SPORT trim.)

[Source: Best Selling Car Blog] (Thanks JB!)


  • MT

    GS is number 1! It deserves to be!

  • Joshd

    I want my GS now!!! Is it April yet?!?!? 

  • F1orce

    We have all those GS trims in Australia.

    But I don’t see why anyone would want the GS250??…