Imagining a Lexus IS Coupe

Photochopper Theophilus Chin has rendered a coupe based on the all-new third-generation Lexus IS:

Lexus IS Coupe Front

Lexus IS Coupe Side

Lexus IS Coupe Rear

With the IS sedan as a starting point and LF-CC concept to serve as inspiration, Theophilus has turned in a thoroughly convincing effort — in fact, I would not be disappointed if the production coupe (reportedly scheduled for 2015) looks very similar.

[Source: Theophilus Chin]


  • Altezza

    It will come on 2015….

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Very nice!

    What Audi was trying for with the A5…..

  • rmfrmf

    i like the sedan a lot but this coupe rendering looks 10 times better.  I typically only go for our a 4 door or SUV but would strongly consider this!

  • rmfrmf

    sorry about the typos above…  

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    What Lexus should do is have that rear quarter window power down, like big Benz CL coupe

    • darkride

      Considering the RC will likely come in Coupe (fixed-top) and Convertible (moveable roof) the technology for rear window to power down could just be carried over. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the current IS-C has that ability. In fact the whole rear seat setup can be carried over through both models.

  • BOSS

    If the IS coupe was to look like this, it would be a lot nicer than the 4 door imo. This looks very sleek!

  • Crux

    Perfect! They just needed to add the exhaust tips cause the bottom looks strange w/o one. 

    • Sebastien Kroetsch

      it’s the hybrid version, it’s meant to be like that. But you’re right they’ll have to make it look better on the gas versions.

  • Carson

    Why would Lexus release the RC and an IS-C? Are they not essentially the same car?

    • darkride

      Since the IS-C has been continued for 2014 model year. I think the IS-C will become a variant of the RC, because yes they are essentially the same thing. 

      • Sebastien Kroetsch

        IS stands for Intelligent Sedan therefore an IS-C is no sedan hence the rename to RC. Now we’ll have to figure out what does the R stands for as it is pretty obvious the C means coupe.

  • Joseph

    WOW, just wow!

  • travis

    Badass and sleek ! Where do I sign ??