Lexus LFA Wrapped in Australian Flag

Lexus LFA Wrapped in Australian Flag

Yesterday was Australia Day, and to mark the occasion, the Lexus of Blackburn dealership wrapped LFA #252 in the national flag.

(Australian dealerships love dressing up LFAs — last year, Lexus of Brisbane wrapped their LFA in pink & chrome.)

View photos of the Australian Flag LFA


  • Brad

    Reminds me of a pair of Dr Martens that I seen for sale 20 years ago with a red,white & blue leather/Union Jack theme…albeit,much better looking.(they were pretty hidious!)…At least the Dr martens with a Union Jack theme made sense though!…A Japanese car with an Ausie theme?…not so much!Nice to see some national pride from our friends down under though!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    It seems like dealers have as many LFAs as actual retail owners…..

  • 05RollaXRS

    Jeremy Clarkson now saying LFA “is the best car I have ever driven”.

    Chalk one more endorsement by a huge icon for the epic-ness of the LFA. :)

  • Prith

    yeah, it’s so nice thing about Lexus LFA Wrapped in Australian Flag. Great New!
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