Video: Introducing the New 2014 Lexus IS

Lexus has released this wild video to announce the arrival the new 2014 IS:

This was first shown at the reveal yesterday at the Detroit auto show — here’s Lexus general manager Mark Templin introducing the next-generation sports sedan:

(The full text of Mark’s speech is available in the Lexus pressroom.)

The whole show at the Cobo Center was very well-suited to the new IS with its starkly aggressive and ultra-modern exterior. There was this overall sense of daring — the new IS F SPORT is bold (and potentially polarizing), and the entire reveal reflected the spirit of the model.


  • matisse

    Hi, Shall 350 version of IS to be introduced into the European market ?

    • krew

      I don’t believe so.

  • Steve

    What a stupid commercial. I want more car and less Lady Gaga. 

    • krew

      Interesting detail — the director did some Lady Gaga videos.

      Pretty obvious, I suppose.

  • asdub

    I agree – daft, dumb, OTT add – this is a car, not perfume – seriously Lexus – with the new IS – you do not need to try too hard – keep it real, calm, serene – not pretentious – come on Lexus – seriously??!!

  • asdub

    This is more like it ……

    • Brad

      YES!That,I like!

    • darkride

      From that video, I honestly hope those aren’t the headlamp washers that come with the next-gen IS. The chrome for starters is “Chrysler Luxury” looking. I much prefer the standard one Lexus uses that pop up from bumer. They have them on literally every other vehicle in the line-up, including the 2nd-gen IS (one model exception: I’ve never seen any headlamp washers on new ES). The only other Lexus vehicle I’ve seen with washers permanently out are the LFA and they are color-coded.

  • twweld

    What about the “F” model.  Are they going to produce the high performance model as well in 2014?