Live Coverage from the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Lexus ES 350 Teaser

The Detroit Auto Show starts today, and I’m here at the Cobo Center to bring you live Lexus coverage from the show floor today and tomorrow.

The big news from Lexus is the debut of the all-new, third generation IS, which will be revealed at 9:30am EST on Tuesday. I’m also looking forward to seeing the new Lexus display for the first time — on to the live coverage!

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August 26, 2014

9:27am: In Upstate New York to drive the Lexus RC & RC F #flyRCF #LexusRCF

April 23, 2014

1:45pm: Visiting @LexusofRoyalOak today, a beautiful new dealership in Calgary, Alberta:

January 14, 2014

10:25pm: This RC F is something special — really demonstrates the new Lexus personality:

1:03pm: RC F now parked in the Lexus display:

11:04am: Technical drawing of the Lexus RC F:

9:56am: The Lexus RC F interior is totally boss:

9:07am: Media scrum around the RC F is crazy — here’s the hood scoop:

8:54am: Introducing the Lexus RC F:

8:46am: Jeff Bracken takes the stage to introduce the RC F:

8:36am: Ten minutes to the RC F reveal:

8:26am: Lexus stage ready for the RC F debut:

8:06am: 40 minutes until the Lexus RC F reveal:

January 13, 2014

3:28pm: Jacked up Lexus IS F SPORT with F SPORT performance accessories:

1:38pm: Lexus LF-NX Turbo looking pretty good:

12:55pm: First time seeing the 2014 CT 200h -- quite the grille:

11:26am: An empty spot where the Lexus RC F will be tomorrow:

9:38am: Lexus RC 350 on display in Detroit, no sign of its super-tough brother:

8:04am: Detroit Auto Show begins — the Joe Louis statue kicks it off:


  • WorldofLuxury

    Be safe!

  • Mohammed Taha

    Cause its Detroit? Or cause he’s in the midst of some of the sexiest cars in the world and he may not use protection? :-P

  • Lexusforum

    Looking forward to your report. Seen Anything hinting to a sportcross or NX yet?

  • WorldofLuxury

    HAHA Yep!

  • darkride

    I really hope they have a few variants of the new generation IS on display next week for the public. It would really be a shame if they only brought the F-Sport and it was untouchable on a rotating platform behind a “fence” of glass. I understand concepts like the LF-CC, LF-LC and even a super-car like the LFA being untouchable. But the public really should be given the chance to see the different models, F-Sport and regular, and be able to sit and see the interior features of this car.

    Since I will be attending the show, I will be really disappointed if I can’t sit in one. I’ve been waiting patiently for years for this to come out, and its been a very anxious last year with all the new Lexus news. 

  • asdub

    Kevin …. stop drooling over the vehicles, please !!!!

  • Brad

    Lexus-PLEASE STOP disappointing us with the GX!!!It would be the most improved in the line-up with the new spindle front end treatment…it would finally look like a rival for the BMW X5 series!

  • Mohammed Taha

    If I were there tomorrow I’d steal the keys, start the car and stomp on the pedal just to hear the engine roar.

  • OlFius

    On the panorama view I see only one (ONE) IS (more than likely the IS F-Sport version )?
    I’m correct, KREW ?  What about the other variants of the IS ?
    Thanks for being “my remote-eyes” the following days :-)

  • leopard08

    Love that LS F sport. it got swag

  • Mohammed Taha

    The picture @9:30 shows the IS-F in front of the GS and the IS Coupe to the left of the GS. These prove that there won’t be any variants of the IS displayed; just the 2014 IS. Most probably as an IS F-Sport for now then IS and IS F-Sport in the next car show.

  • Raczkri
  • krew

    Confirmed — no SportCross.

    Also no mention of NX, but not surprised.

  • Eddie

     So is Lexus not going to make the IS SportCross? Which that photo/statement on Lexus’s page was pointless? Thanks!

  • krew

    My understanding is that the standard IS will be displayed at the booth — it’s still unclear. There will only be one on display though regardless.

  • 00E2I_2UX3J

    HAHAHA!!! Lexus is NOT that same “boring” “predictive” “scared to be different ” brand anymore! I like wat they just did. they got us all pretty gud! they gonna leak official photos of the wickedly designed F-Sport so we can look at it & say “WTF!!” just to make the base model look very modern but still pretty sick & make us appreciate the base model more.

    honestly, i liked the futuristic look of the F-Sport & i knew the base model wudnt look as erotic but i ddnt kno it wud look this modern. but even tho this looks safe, it still looks SICK!!! but at least the IS wnt look so weired after all…

    Its such a great time to be a Lexus Enthusiast! Lexus playn the game smart, if they continue like this they will sh!t on the industry! time 4 the BMW & Germany fans to eat their own “bland” & “boring” words

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Coming in June?  Why June?

  • Mohammed Taha

    They need time to manufacture. They’re cant be 100% done yet. Have you forgotten how long it took them to get the GS from motor shows to Dealerships

  • Mohammed Taha

    They need time to manufacture. They’re cant be 100% done yet. Have you forgotten how long it took them to get the GS from motor shows to Dealerships

  • Brad

    Been busy this morning with 10 puppies,but OMG…amazing reveal! IN YOUR FACE HATERS!!!

  • Brad

    Loved Mark’s comment when he stated in front of the press that Lexus has changed their whole line-up in 2 years & no other manufacturer can say that!

  • Mohammed Taha

    Agree with everyone here the reveal was crazy exciting and i was more than delighted to hear that there will be throttle blip. IS 300h reveal was push awesome and surprising

  • F1orce

    Just wait for a few more months and you could drive one!!?

  • Lexx

    BIG BUMMER: The stardard IS en IS300h (so not the F-sport version) will not get the impressive LFA-like speedometer:

  • dhgjatg

    New IS will be Nike’s new company car :)

    note: That LFA is not two years old, since they just started building the ‘Ring edition about a year ago.

  • F1orce

    Impressive car.. I just hope for god sake the IS line could finally take the #1 spot in the segment it rightly deserves in the U.S.!!

  • F1orce

    I like this new IS.

    Only part I don’t like is the new door handles which look too flat..

    The current IS/50/IS350 have nicer door handles..


    VERY SEXY!!! But RED??!! I HATE RED!!!!!!! leave that for the new god awful Corvette a few booths down. Otherwise well done LEXUS. I almost prefer the front lower lip of the IS250 over the F Sport.

  • Mohammed Taha

    I watched the 2 b roll videos. I was looking for the headlight washers and the reverse cameras. Where the hell are they?

    Otherwise, I love the sound of the engines. I hope they’re a little louder in the F-Sport version.

  • Mohammed Taha

    You know what? I hate red but god damn that red is bright. It’s not that bad to be honest. Not my cup of tea but some love red. Forget that. Some love YELLOW. lol. Thank god they picked red. Not yellow lol.

  • Frederick Smith

    Wow. Lexus really hit it out of the park with this one. Clublexus has a bunch of real life shots of the IS and IS F-Sport. The F-Sport looks much better in the darker paint colors. A lot of the intricate details get washed out in the white. The regular IS is a bit more classy and traditional Lexus. Both look great.

  • Thomas

    Oh man! The regular new IS – non ‘F-sport’ – looks so amazing. Really beautiful. It doesnt have the stupid, tacky gauges either, which is a big +! Lexus has done it again. Applause.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Ибрагимов

    so no sport cross as lexus said (((

  • Thomas

    We all knew that. IMO the normal guages look much better anyway.

  • Ljn71

    In the words of the late great Robert Palmer:Simply irresistible ! 

  • 00E2I_2UX3J

    EXTENSIVE HD photo gallery & video here:

    I downloaded bout half the pics :]

  • Ljn71

    Quite possibly the best looking 4-door of all time. The upcoming coupe (RC) really only needs to be an IS with two doors missing,if you ask me. Throw in the GS 450h’s driveline and it’d be perfect.

  • OlFius

    Thanks for link !
    I wasn’t aware of an AWD IS 350 ! (pictures are continue updated, see pictures around 17/90).
    Someone knows if there will be an AWD IS300h ?

  • OlFius

    You’re right and that is impressive for Lexus ! 
    There’s a new ‘hot’ wind blows in the heads of the Lexus boys/girls,
    but I like it !

  • Marcus Wilby

    Very nice graphics on the new generation dials! (and not the F sport ones!)


    Rainbow is better than yellow.. I just hate color on cars period. Grey, blk, white, silver… that is all. Now the interior with a splash of colour!? thats the key!

  • mr2

    What a beauty! Imagine IS-F :-D

  • darkride

    I really like the the rear ground effects portion on the bumper with the IS300h. Looks more stylish than the plain one seen on IS350 F-Sport. Seems like it could have been done to both, but just cut out the places for exhaust.

  • mr2

    What a beauty! Imagine IS-F :D

  • Andrh

    I love this video too

  • Carmaker1

    They retract upon reverse.

  • Joshd

    When will the new IS hit dealerships? 

  • Mohammed Taha

    I thought of that, there’s a dark square to the right of the license plate lights. Does the GS do the same thing? I never really looked for it on the 2013 GS.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    The GS started selling in February last year, ads during the Super Bowl.

    They obviously planned for a summer release.  Just wondering why June was chosen.  Very abnormal month to release a sedan….

  • Mohammed Taha

    Not really .. the new RC needs to be a lot sleeker and sexier than just removing 2 doors. Did you take a look at the new BMW 4-Series?

    I think Lexus may be following BMW’s footsteps and getting rid of the IS-C and leaving the IS and GS as 4 door saloons.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Except for the aging GX

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Three things I don’t like:

    1.  No manuals
    2.  No turbo base engine (Yet)
    3.  Looks like then interior comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

    It’s like sitting in a room with the lights out.  Give me some color in the dash. 
    Wood.  A strip of Aluminum.  Something!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Yo, Krew.

    Will this new Lexus display make all the car shows in the circuit this year?
    Houston in 2 weeks?   New York in April?

    What about the LF-LC?  Is it in Detroit?

  • Lexusforum

    Kevin, thank you very much for your extensive liveblog! I loved reading it and it was very informative! 

  • Brad