Video Preview of the Next-Generation Lexus IS from Australian Drive

Here’s a video of the next-generation Lexus IS prototype from Australian publication Drive:

When talking about the engines, the presenter suggests that the IS will be getting new engines — that’s not true at all.

However, this review does have the first look at the rear seats (click for a larger image):

Next-Generation Lexus IS Rear Seats

The padded shape of the seat design is really appealing — great decision by the designers.


  • Brad

    Wasn’t sure if I liked the look of the rear seats at first in the still shot….but I appreciated them more when viewing them in the video from a few slightly different angles….

  • enthusiast88

    Looks like cabernet is coming to the IS…I’m in!

    • Ljn71

      I love that interior colour!

  • enthusiast88

    If you look closely in the video the perferations in the front seats are “L”s in them. Pretty cool touch.

  • Mohammed Taha

    Even though he’s probably wrong I hope he’s right. The GS needs something for next year’s model so why not a new engine for both?

  • WorldofLuxury

    1. That’s a pretty sizable rear window for a modern sporty car.
    2. Is that a latch by the headrest to pull down the rear seats to extend the trunk space?

    • darkride

      I think you are on to something. It does look very similar to the latch found in the CT.

    • Dunraven77

      The new IS is getting split fold seats as standard equipment.

  • Whatthebrett

    The 3.5 version isn’t in Australia, therefor it is a new engine to Australian’s, mystery solved.

    • Wooski

      Oddly the 2.5ltr hybrid is new (well a development of the Camry/ES300h setup) but he didnt mention that.

    • StevenFromDownUnder

      Um, no the 3.5 is available in Australia. It wasn’t available initially, but was launched just over 2 years ago. I attended a dealer launch. Mystery remains.

  • Chris

    Rear seat will be able to fold down tomincrease cargo capacity and move large objects, just like it should. I already read it somewhere, no mystery here.

  • dhgjatg

    Are those 18 or 19″ wheels?

    • Wooski


    • Mohammed Taha

      I doubt that those are 18″, they look more like 17″ wheels just from the gap and the size; they look small.

      I hope the 18″ is standard and 19″ for the F-Sport.

      • dhgjatg

        Nah, standard wheels on IS350 is 18″, you have to believe the F Sport will be atleast 18″ or optional 19″.

  • Wunko

    I like the wheels! My favorite of the newer Lexus vehicles’ wheel designs.

    • dhgjatg

      They look like down-sized LFA wheels.

  • ShiroTenshin

    its actually the same as the old IS-250/IS-350 F-Sport Standard wheels 

    • Brendan

      They are different. The F-Sport wheel spokes you pictured are “twisted” slightly. The wheels on the new cars are symmetrical and do not “twist”. 

    • darkride

      They are made too resemble the LFA wheels.

  • F1orce

    I’m waiting for the official unveiling…….

  • Trankiloo Chilling TaDavidson

    Looks fun to Drive !