Jay Leno Drives the Next-Generation Lexus IS Prototype

Along with the traditional automotive media, Jay Leno also had an opportunity to drive the next-generation Lexus IS prototype:

While it’s all unconfirmed, JL spills plenty of detail on the new model:

  • Eight-speed transmission is standard (at least with the IS 350)
  • IS 350 horsepower is unchanged, remains at 306 hp
  • 70mm longer wheelbase than the previous generation

There’s also a quick glance at the interior without the plastic coverings we saw last week:

Lexus IS Next-Generation Interior

Overall, JL speaks highly of the next-generation IS, comparing it favorably to the German competition and complimenting the handling and performance — great video to watch.


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    The 250 gets a 6-speed auto.  
    NO manual is ever mentioned.  No hybrid in the US (Available elsewhere)
    Hard to have a mandate of “Make it more fun to drive”, but you get no more power, and no manual.
    Lexus is trying to drop the ball on this one…..

    • F1orce

      The IS350 is still the fastest in its class!

      Well at least from 0-60 anyway..

      • BATMAN

        Last time I checked the brand new 335i ran a 0-60 from numbers as low as the 4.8- 4.9 seconds. The Lexus posted around 5.0-5.5. So don’t know what you’re talking about there. 

      • BlackDynamiteOnline

        Road & Track got 4.9 from a IS350, when compared to a G37

      • GIGGITY

        right so around 5.0-5.5, 


      YES!! why can’t Lexus make cars more fun to drive along with adding more ponies. It’s like Lexus is always lagging in one department or another. They make a car fun to drive but lacks power or vice versa. I really doubt people will look at a IS250 price tag and see it only has 204 hp and have it be justified, while a corolla can smoke it from 0-60

  • darkride

    I really hope the IS gets option for LED headlamps in a tech package. However, I have high doubts about my wish. They aren’t available as option on ES, and the upgraded headlights on GS are dual HID Bi-xenons (but they still look great). I think they an give extra distinctive Lexus flare to the CT200h, and LS600h. They would make the next-gen IS look even more like the LF-CC

  • Glyder

    Interior is not covered up! :) 

  • Brnjou87

    Hopefully the throttle response is bmw like…

  • WTF-Over

    The wheel gap is atrocious.  Seriously Lexus, being able to fit monster truck tires on an IS doesnt scream sporty.

  • Someboy

    Same engine with no horsepower increase ? I ain’t buying !!!!! Rather drive my modded is350 right now !