Lexus December to Remember 2012 Commercials

The 2012 batch of Lexus USA’s annual December to Remember commercials were released today:

At long last, the automotive gift-giving of past December to Remember campaigns has been retired (though the big red bows do show up briefly at the end) — these new commercials feel contemporary and more in touch with the real world. Nice move by Lexus to try something new.

(While on the topic of the holidays, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!)


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    These are pretty generic, outside of the red paint.  Not very well written either.

    I guess the gift commercials were a little too successful…….

  • Anthony Young

    I agree

  • Raptor

    Yeah I agree too.  This left me feeling I was in a cheaper world, kind of sleezy, too young and sloppy. 

  • creativeiggy

    Thank you Lexus for revealing a genuine approach to luxury – modern and true to society today – well done!

    Dinner spot is classy and the family is beautiful (of course) but also very real.  Again, well done!

  • wasapasserby

    I’m just happy to hear Lexus using their song again.

  • WorldofLuxury

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Krew! You have always been there for all of us!

    I absolutely love these new commercials! They’re so colorful, action-thrilled, and rather relevant!

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Get a Lexus IS-F , drive to pick up friend … and drift in snowy course .

    That’s what I call sharing … XD … although it’s kind of out of place for most Lexus customer . :P

  • F1orce

    Yeah these ads are very contemporary..

    Personally the best ads were the LS400 ads.. Those were pure class