Video of the Supercharged Lexus GS from SEMA

Lexus Supercharged GS

Circling back to SEMA, here’s a video of the VIP Auto Salon supercharged Lexus GS 350 that was featured at the Lexus display.

(It’s also been confirmed that the custom APEXI supercharger adds 60 whp at 3lbs of boost — however, no word on availability.)

Watch the supercharged Lexus GS in action


  • AstonMartin

    Now that is the sound of pure power!  I hope this after-market kit is offered soon or Lexus comes to their senses and offers a more powerful GS(F) before I purchase next year. 

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    So that makes about 375 crank HP

    Should break 60 in under 5 seconds……


    i been waitin for this vid !!!! awesoooooooooooome!!

  • Brad

    Sounds fantastic!

  • Ljn71

    Would someone with more mechanical insight than myself like to comment on wether or not they think a supercharger could work on the 450h?

    • LF_EH

      Spacing under the hood could be an issue.

      But aside from that, it could be possible.

      You can do just about anything with money.