Visiting the World’s First Production Two-Tone Lexus LFA

Two-Tone Lexus LFA

For my latest Lexus Magazine article, I travelled to Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Allentown, Pennsylvania to see (and photograph) the world’s first two-tone LFA.

With its Steel Gray body & Pearl Gray roof, the LFA’s grayscale paint job is both stunning & subtle — this is my favorite photo from the trip, perfect for a desktop wallpaper:

Two-Tone Lexus LFA Wallpaper

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Be sure to check out the story behind this unique LFA, along with the rest of the photos, over at Lexus Magazine.

See more photos of the Two-Tone LFA


  • 05RollaXRS

    Jeremy Clarkson recently confessed in “Top Gear 2012 live show” in Burmingham that out of all of the current of exotic supercars, if he had to take only one most favorite one home, it would be the Lexus LFA.

    He said LFA was “spectacularly superb car” and when Hammond asked him “do you think this car is 5 times better than the Nissan GTR??” to which, Jeremy Clarkson replied “yes it is”.Is this not shocking?? One of the biggest haters of the Lexus LFA, finally after driving the LFA now calls it his most favorite exotic supercar.

    • Carmaker1

      I think you meant Birmingham as in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

  • 05RollaXRS

    BTW, James May also said Lexus LFA was his most favorite exotic supercar.

    • Brnjou87

      anything to back those up? an article?

  • Brad

    I’m really digging this color scheme.I’m actually in the process of pre-ordering a 2013 Trail TeamsĀ  Edition FJ Cruiser (Son’s request) that sports a Scion Cement Grey(Cdn. spelling) paint scheme with black accents.Much of the same effect is created somehow…I think because both vehicles stand out already on their own,they don’t need a wild color to help them stand out.

  • Joe Z Performance

    Great photos!!!
    But I’m pretty sure it’s a “Steel Gray” Body with a “Pearl Gray” Roof… ;)

    • krew

      You’re right — something must have gotten confused along the way. I’ve sent the correction over to Lexus Magazine as well.

      Appreciate it, as always.

      • Joe Z Performance

        Anytime Kevin….!!!!

        For the record, my two favorite shades of Gray for the LFA… ;)

        ~ Joe Z

  • Justindmps

    Lexus better up the ante with another LFA edition. Reports that a track GT-R can rip the Ring in under 7 min

  • Marvin Themartian

    So this steel gray color, on a clear day reflects a slightly bluish tinge? yes? I kinda like it.