Video Demonstration of Lexus LS Advanced Pre-Collision System

Lexus LS Pedestrian Safety

Japanese automotive site CarNifty TV has published a video demonstration of the new Lexus LS’s optional advanced pre-collision safety technology.

(How it works: if the system detects a potential collision, the car can be brought to a complete stop at speeds up to 24 mph.)

See the pre-collision safety system in action


  • Joshg1001

    I wish they would have showed a view from inside the car 

  • Pontiacmailbox-various

    I see on the Toyota Canada website that the new Avalon will offer Pre-Collision on some models. 

  • Aypues

    Pontiac – yes, the regular Pre-Collision System is an option on other Toyota models including the Avalon and Prius. The Advanced Pre-Collision System is only available on the LS.