Video of the Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept

Along with the photo gallery, a video of the Lexus LF-LC Blue concept was also released:

Even in the more natural lighting and without the processed look of the official photos, the LF-LC looks otherworldly — strangely organic, like the sheet metal was fabric stretched over a frame.


  • BlackDynamiteNY

    “Uhhh……have we ever made anything HALF as cool as that?”  – One BMW Exec
    “Hell to the No!”  – Another BMW Exec

    • Ray

      Haha. I hope that Lexus will keep the cool design during the production.

  • Angela

    I truly love this car, its gorgeous. I think they were smart to make it metallic blue because it separates it from the crowd and it really complements the design very well. 

  • F1orce

    Yeah blue >>>>> red

    This LF-LC is ultra stunning!

    Please Lexus make the production model identical to this!!


  • darkride

    If they do end up making a production, I think it would keep the notation LC and be a coupe version of LS platform and lay between the LS and LFA in line up. It would have to be comparable to the Mercedes CL/SL, Audi R8 4.2, Porsche Carrera.

  • Ninjapow5

    what no shiny paint :]