World’s First Pink Lexus LFA

Pink Lexus LFA

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Australia’s Lexus of Brisbane dealership has wrapped the LFA in matte pink:

(Lexus of Brisbane is also sponsoring Australian rugby players The Faingaa Twins and their Think Pink charity golf event, which explains the logo on the hood of the LFA.)

[Photos by Mitch Hemming] (Thanks Julian!)


  • DuDE

    Paris Hilton would’ve wanted that colour.

    • Kevin Yek

      You said exactly what I wanted to say. LOL

      It doesn’t look as bad as I first thought when I read the tittle but nothing is bad for good cause. 

  • BOSS

    Supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness month in style, woohoo! Join the cause people!

    • WorldofLuxury

      That’s what I thought this was for too!

      EDIT: Wait… IT IS! Whoops!

  • Brad

    Well said DuDE,Kevin Yek & BOSS.I hate to admit it,because I’m extremely masculine,but that LFA looks freakin awesome!!!

    • Ljn71

      Don’t worry,Brad. Proper men like us are secure enough about their manhoods to dig a radical car in a radical colour! ;-)

  • Yumm_1994
  • rtgrthgh

    This is really a JDM Hello Kitty edition.

  • Yoyman

    eww what a weak colour of this awsome car

  • enthusiast88

    That’s awesome! Talk about drawing attention to the cause!