Lexus CT 200h Places Second in Rallye Vert de Montréal Race

Lexus CT 200h Bel-Air Lexus Winner

A Lexus CT 200h driven by Sebastien Kroetsch has placed second in Rallye Vert de Montréal, the only Canadian stop on the global FIA Alternative Energies Cup circuit. A Toyota Prius Plug-in finished first.

(This is the same CT 200h I photographed this summer — congratulations Sebastien!)

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  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    Thanks KREW. We will participate again next year. The vehicle of choice is yet to be confirmed. Perhaps an ISh.

  • Harry Lim

    Nice car, but repair cost too high. My ct200h repair cost is higher than a brand new ct200h F sport. This is the way Lexus making money.

  • LF_EH

    Even with the picture you have posted, I still find it hard to believe.

    Did you drive it into a Volcano?

    What happened to it?

  • krew

    What country do you live in? These numbers are very high, and I have to think this level damage should probably be written off by your insurance.