Camouflaged Next-Generation Lexus IS Spotted in Europe

The next-generation Lexus IS has been spotted again, this time in a eye-deceiving swirl-pattern body wrap — here are some photos from Autowereld:

Lexus IS 2014 Swirl Front

Lexus IS 2014 Swirl Side

Lexus IS 2014 Swirl Rear

Unlike the previous camouflage, some design details of the new IS can be seen, and what’s visible looks very similar to the LF-CC concept:

Lexus LF-CC vs IS Comparison

Lexus LF-CC vs IS Comparison

It’s always difficult to judge camouflaged vehicles — the next-generation IS appears ever-so-slightly bigger, with a similar profile to the current model. What little detail can be seen is very encouraging, but there’s still too much hidden by swirls to get an accurate read.

See more Lexus IS spyshots [Via:]

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Wow ! That line is insane !

  • Sudyke

    When I asked the Hungarian dealer when the LF-CC will become a production model, he said the new IS will come this spring. So I assume there is a big connection between the two.

  • Joshd

    wow that pattern on the camouflage is annoying… makes my eyes hurt… :o

  • BlackDynamiteNY


    • Franky

      ..if you compare this with the LF-CC, true.
      But, also true, is the very good camouflage…

    • krew

      I don’t know, seems unfair to compare a coupe concept to a production sedan.

  • Alex

    Can’t wait! The new IS should cement my total and utter conversion to Lexus that begun with the CT and continued with the GS.. suck it, Merc!

  • Walter

    OMG the wing mirriors are still in its correct place. Tis going to be the best looking car in its class

  • Anthony

    Hmmmm, am I the only one who thinks that this IS looks very similar to the old one?

    Maybe it is the same kind of refresh as we have seen on the LS?
    The same cabin and a refreshed front and back end?

    • Marcus Wilby

      Has to be new interior – betting on same dash as Lfcc without touchscreens and with more mundane colours. Hope its more spacious too.

    • krew

      This is a next-generation model — the changes may not look as dramatic as the GS, but I wouldn’t read too much into these spyshots.

  • Rsxterminator

    hidden exhaust tips… hybrid?

    • krew

      Yeah, good observation. Totally agree.

      • blkpantha

        that exactly what I taught too it also look different from the full black one I cant wait to see my baby

  • Joe Z Performance

    I agree… This test mule would suggest IS250 H…. Or IS300 H.. Hidden exhaust pipes, no rear bumper tailpipe cut outs… Small Front & Rear Braking Systems… ~ Joe Z

    • FooFoo

      The IS300h trademark has been registered in Australia. You can fine your own source :D

      • Rsxterminator

        Yep. all signs point to the new 2.5L 4cyl making its debut with the IS300h. 

        however lexus’ hybrid philosophy is all over the place. in the GS and LS they make the hybrid the top trim, with the most hp. yet the new ES hybrid is positioned as the economic choice despite being more expensive. so how can lexus push hybrid tech with such a high price? IMO they need to offer 2 hybrid drivetrains per platform. the LS should have a V6 hybrid for economy and V8 hybrid for performance. the GS could potentially have 3 hybrids: the I4 for economy, V8 for performance, and the V6 for a mix of both. and the IS should have the I4 for economy and a V6 for performance. heck a V8 hybrid IS-Fh is highly improbable, but not impossible. if they want to make the IS-F unique they can make it a hybrid. at least one speculative “report” says this is a possibility:

    • Corradomr2

      Agree on the small brakes as complimented by the wheel size. They look like the current-gen base IS250 16″ wheels.

      • rtgrthgh

        Hybrids have the same wheel size as the non-hybrids. ES300h: 18″; RX450h: 19″; GS450h: 19″; LS600h: 19″.

  • Christopher H. Do

    Goodness! Someone in China needs to leak pictures of the production model ASAP!

    • FooFoo

      Why China?

      • MT

        The ES and GS first pictures all came out of China.

      • Carmaker1

        Not to mention the LS facelift as well.

      • Tumloveu


  • Mohammed Taha

    Is that a panoramic roof?

  • James

    I’ve seen this car in camo 5 times already.  But then again, I moved to Gardena, CA.

  • FooFoo

    As far as I’ve seen, I’m impressed.  I hope they won’t spoil it all by making the grill look like one in the GS or LF-CC.  Those are too aggressive and Mitsubishi-like.  ES/RX grills are fine, while LS is acceptable.

     If I can’t wait for the new Lexus compact SUV, this might be my next car.

    • rtgrthgh

      Grille’s going to look like production GS grille.

      • Carmaker1

        Not really, it will be different actually. In a way, here it is. Just really hard to see though. I just wish that someone got a better shot of this car back then as this is the only model they sneakily didn’t show again. Only the ES, GS, LX, CTh, and LS were reshown, but only the IS mysteriously was shown last January. Everyone, please forgive me if I’ve posted these too many times. Bear in mind that part of Picture 4 is fading into the GS fascia and the IS won”t have the same grille.

      • Carmaker1

        For some stupid reason Disqus changed the order of the photos. The first photo is partially the GS.

      • FooFoo

        I can draw something like this.

      • Carmaker1

        +1 Yep, that looks just like it. Expect some very minor changes though, as it looks to me that Lexus actually photographed a 2011 IS RHD prototype and the above test cars are actually pilot-production LHD models. Notice how the LS XF40 III prototype from the December 2011 photo differs from the production model(one has mesh instead of large square holes and foglights) in 2012. 

        It seems that Lexus only tests LHD mules and pilot-production models outside of Japan, while keeping most of their earlier stages of road testing inside Japan. The IS RHD prototypes have even been testing since last year, so the ones we are seeing now are definitely pilot production models.

  • Rogersentongo

    The Back of the concept looks ugly( the sharp long rear light) otherwise the front is amazing

    • Carmaker1

      Well, the rear is exactly what the IS sedan will look like. Obviously someone in Japan saw it testing last year and created the renders that the LF-CC’s rear end and lines heavily match. The LF-CC front actually looks nothing like the IS, except for the hood lines fading into grille. There’s no getting away from that.

  • LexTasy

    NEW IS to be unveiled on 28 November at the L.A Auto Show…

  • F1orce

    Can’t judge this yet.. Way too much camo

  • Ninjapow5

    2 words