Motor Trend Reviews the 2012 Lexus IS F

2012 Lexus IS F Motor Trend

The Ignition web video series from Motor Trend has just featured the 2012 Lexus IS F, and presenter Carlos Lago does an excellent job explaining just what makes the very first Lexus F model special.

Outstanding review, highly recommended (though I should mention the video is nine minutes long).

Watch the Lexus IS F Ignition Video


  • Annoinashell2000

    He should have done a comparison or maybe done a review on the 13 ISF

  • Ljn71

    You wouldn’t think it’d be possible to improve on such a stellar car,but somehow Lexus will find away to make the next one even better. They always do. Creating amazing? Oh,yes. I’d say so. :-)

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    Looks like the ISF is finally dialed in for suspension.  

    Now it’s time to lose some weight and gain some torque, and maybe get a proper transmission in it?

    • Roman Pogoretskiy

      Proper transmission? Don’t forget that the on in the ISF is one of the fastest shifters ever and smooth… Manual belongs in history books. 

      • BlackDynamiteNY

        And autos are for chicks.

        You take faster, I’ll take better…..

  • Brendan

    Nice review.

  • Travis

    White unicorn ;-)

  • Annoinashell2000

    Chris Lago does some pretty good reviews, some honest bits in there. Unlike most reviews just criticizes the ISF. I remember when clarkson reviewed the ISF he said that the gearbox is always changing its mind always seeking the right gear. I’ve driven the ISF before and I can’t seem to tell what he means by that.

    • krew

      The problem I have with most of Motor Trend’s content is that it feels so editorialized — there feels like an ulterior motive in every article. This review may be mostly positive, but it’s more important that Lago is giving his honest opinion.

      • Annoinashell2000

        agreed that’s why I only watch and focus on certain reviewers for Lexus cars, because not alot of them are willing to give an honest opionion about the. One of those reviwers being Chris Harris