Lexus LFA Owners Meet in California Today

Lexus LFA Owners Meet

There’s a Lexus LFA owners meet happening at the Laguna Seca Raceway in California today, and race car driver Scott Pruett is in attendance, posting photos to his Twitter account — here’s a couple selections:

LFA LFA LFA Corkscrew

Lexus LFA Owners Meet

2013 Lexus LFA in Lime Green

Lexus LFAs in a row

All told, sixteen LFAs were in attendance for this first-ever owners meet — a few photos have shown up on Club Lexus as well, and my favorite image of the day comes from the official Laguna Seca Facebook page:

Lexus LFA Owners Event at Laguna Seca

[Source: Scott Pruett’s Twitter]

Update: Here’s another high-resolution photo from LFA owner #47:

Lexus LFA Owner Corkscrew


  • Crux

    My eyes are having orgasms. 

  • BOSS

    So car heaven does exist…

  • Billy Bean


  • Glen Quaggy

    Can you imagine what it would sounds like if those LFAs were revving the shizznits out of those engines… DAMN

    • krew

      They must have done that afterwards — I’m sure there will be video from the event.

  • WorldofLuxury


  • Travis

    GOD LORD !

    Seeing one LFA is enough to send me into trama… this is just unreal.

  • CliffordCee

    the LFA symphonic orchestra, causes simultaneous ear drum implosions and explosions and eargasms, that RED NURB ed, is freakin sweet, god!! what i would give to get one

  • Yong Thian Ding

    That’s LOT of Lexus LFA .

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    Audio of these cars working Laguna Seca together would make the world a better place!

    For the love of humanity…..

  • Erich Kerner

    The success of the LFA should show Lexus in Japan that many people want more “F” models across the Lexus lineup. Let´s see what the future hold´s for us….

  • Ray

    Wow, a six million dollar meeting. With these many LFAs’, I sure they would sound like F1 race, Priceless!

  • Ayo Doc Shugz Mkize

    Gawd damn 2x NUR Edition of the LFA pearl Red and White.

    • 05RollaXRS

      Actually, there are 3 Nurburgring Edition LFAs.

  • Brad

    I’ll have the white NR edition please! (the one with the red interior)

  • Crux

    Hey peeps, turn up the speakers put them on BLAST!!!!

  • Mitzi Hemstreet

    It was absolutely amazing! The folks at Lexus really know how to throw a party. Generous to the hilt. I can’t yet put in to coherent words how exceptional and extraordinary the past two days has been…

    If you had $7 million, what would you buy?

    • krew

      Looks like you had an absolutely time — so awesome.

  • Brock Lee

    Hands down the best $400k we’ve ever spent.  Not only did we get a piece of automotive history, the over the top experiences Lexus has provided the owners only solidifies our devotion to the brand.  Mitzi, make sure you send an email to Jim’s uppers.  They need to hear from us on what a great job they did and how appreciative we are.  It’s obviously great for the us but also for the brand (just look at the buzz around this one event).

    • Mitzi Hemstreet

      Already sent an email to Mark Templin. Hope he actually reads it!