Video: Lexus LFA & LF-LC Concept Together

Hope you’re ready for this — for the first time ever, here’s some footage of the Lexus LFA & the LF-LC concept out for a drive together:

The biggest surprise has to be how big the LF-LC is — considering the concept’s rear seats, I expected it to be longer, but it’s larger than the LFA in every way. What an awesome video.


  • Crux

    Why is this pr0n allowed on this website?!? 

  • Will Fernandez

    I hope that this is just a teaser piece for a much longer video.  

  • Mike DeLorca

    Wow—looks absolutely unbelievable and like nothing else out there except the LFA similarities….this could be taken to production as is and would be a huge hit…I could see LEXUS toning it down a bit with the tear drops front and back, but please get it to the US now and change very little….TRULY AMAZING !

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    There are no words….

  • Carson

    What engine is in the LF-LC?