Photo: Black Lexus LFA, White Walls

Stumbled on this great photo of Lexus LFA #209 by photographer Dan Landoni:

Lexus LFA in Black

Such a clean photo — the white background really shows off the profile of the black LFA. Wonderful.

Update: Fixed the spelling of Dan’s last name. Oops!

[Source: Dan Landoni's Tumblr]


  • Rocket Man

    The photo is OK, but the lack of definition around the underneath and wheels counts against it – those areas just look like a sea of blackness….

  • Jason Collin

    Good call Rocket Man, putting a couple of speedlights beside the wheels next to the wall pointing under the car might have helped show more of the lower detail.  

  • WorldofLuxury

    I thought I was going to see some white wall tires! :P

  • Brad

    Me too!Wheew!

  • Mitzi Hemstreet

    I personally love the little puddle of “sweat” under her chin. She rode hard that night :)