World’s First Production Two-Tone Lexus LFA

The world’s first production bicolored Lexus LFA has been delivered to the USA:

Lexus LFA Bicolor Rear

Lexus LFA Bi-Color Steel Grey & Black

The Pearl Gray roof pillars blends in perfectly with the LFA’s sloping front & rear windshields — contrast that with the Metallic Silver body, and we have a great looking color scheme.

(Personally, I’m a huge fan of blacked-out roofs — fantastic to see a factory painted LFA incorporate the look.)

[Source: Club Lexus]


  • WorldofLuxury


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Very good looking .

  • Ljn71


  • mrxandthexfactor

    Whyis the LFA a limited production vehicle? Why is it so expensive? ARGHH!!! That two tone LFA is so frigging good looking! Damn, I forgot to bring a change of trousers.

  • enthusiast88

    Nice! It would look even better with those 21″ PUR Wheels.

  • Brad

    Bet the pictures don’t do it justice.Would love to see it in person!

  • Trankiloo Chilling TaDavidson

    Not Much of a Fan of this color But regardless is still and lfa still Sexy 

    • Brad

      I bet it looks better in person.Kind of looks like primer in the pics.

  • James

    Not a fan per se; White on black on the other hand would inspire some Kanye West type lyrics from me.

  • V12mind

    Love it.  Harkens back to ’90s sportscar styling.  

  • Jay

    Nice color combo. It also makes it easier to picture the LF-A as a convertible should Lexus ever decide to produce it.

    Would love to see one in starfire pearl with a black roof.