2013 Lexus LS 600h F SPORT to be Offered in Europe

2013 Lexus LS 600h F SPORT

The 2013 Lexus LS 600h will be offered with the F SPORT package in Europe, though with some changes compared to the LS 460 F SPORT:

  • Both the LS 460 F SPORT & LS 600h F SPORT will be lowered by 10mm compared to the standard model, with Brembo front brakes and paddle shifters.
  • The RWD LS 460 F SPORT will be equipped with a Torsen limited slip differential, an Active Stabilizer System, and the paddle shifters will incorporate automatic throttle blipping on downshifts.
  • The LS 460 F SPORT will also have an intake sound creator installed, which will feed engine sound into the cabin.
  • The LS 600h F SPORT will not have the Torsen LSD — only the Active Stabilizer System will be equipped.

The purpose of the Torsen LSD is to distribute torque between the rear wheels — not exactly applicable to the AWD-only LS 600h (which also weighs 418lbs. more than the LS 460).

Also released by Lexus Europe are some new photos, including two images of the black leather interior — one with Bamboo trim and the other with Ebony Bird’s-Eye Maple Linear Espresso Wood trim:

Update: Edited for clarity.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. I'm a HUGE fan of White Car , and this is a Lexus ... I just drool all over myself .
    • Me too! White on tan/Cherry Red on tan/Black on tan!!  Am I the only one who wants to wait for a complete remodeling of the LS? For that much money I'd like a complete overhaul rather than minor modifications. The current one will do splendidly for the moment. I do hope the next generation LS 600h L will have far better EPA numbers than her petroleum counterpart.
    • EPA numbers are not as important as driving style. When Autoblog tested the LSh, they got "EPA smashing numbers"!!!
    • Smashing meant better or worst MPG ? lol
  2. They need to offer this in Canada also.I'd be sold on the LS 460 F-Sport except I have to have AWD for the winter months.I'm O.K. with purchasing an IS-F for example & using it for only 2 or 3 seasons,but not an LS.It should be used year round,not as a clear out the cob webs sports car that gets stored away.
  3. Something seems wrong with these pictures. There is no way that the front passenger has only 8-way power seats (NO lumbar adjustments?). I love the bamboo with the black though.
  4. i see a problem with the LS600HL f sport....... here in my area we hardly sell the LS600HL's and adding the f sport to that hefty price....... i dont see to many of these selling.
  5. F Sport Hybrid is not okay in the USA but it is everywhere else. There's something wrong with that ...along with the no foglights for GS F SPORT mentality. Looks like the accountants and product planners win again.
  6. That's not ebony birdseye maple in the black interior.  It's linear espresso wood, like in the GS350 with Luxury package.
  7. The F Sport package just looks better on the new LS. The standard LS grill with the black cross bumper just doesn't work for me (too busy or something). But seeing a new model in person often changes your opinion so I'll need to wait until November to make my final judgment.
  8. I kind of had my doubts about the whole spindle grill as a signature lexus design, but I have to contend, its all starting to look pretty badass thus far GS,RX,LX,ES,LS, and i hope the IS is in the works for a spindle facelift...  It's the makeover that I think will have people who were once averse to lexus to take notice... I definitely see heads turn when I drive around in my GS Fsport
  9. Looks awesome and once again, North America gets screwed. (no GS F sport hybrid) What are all those buttons on the side of the arm-rest on the back?  
  10. Just who will buy the LS600h F Sport in Europe? I predict they will struggle to give away demonstrators never mind make any genuine sales. Could make a nice 2nd hand buy in 3 years time though after horrific depreciation :)
  11. I wish they did a Black Headliner with the (Tan) Flaxen/Black Combo... like they did with the GS's Cabernet/Black Combo... the soft grey doesn't look right.
  12. Maybe my comment doesn´t "fit" exactly to this news message, but i will never understand why Lexus offers many models only to "some" markets. e.g. there is no GS 350 for Western Europe, there is no GS 450h/LS 600h F SPORT for North America(!!), no ES/ES hybrid for Japan and so on... No doubt - there is no need for a GS 250 in north america, or the RX 270/GX 400. Don´t get me wrong. Sometimes it seems to me that Lexus don´t wonna sell the number of cars they could sell if they would offer these cars at much more markets.